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  1. Could anyone make some sprites for my WIP multiplayer shooting game. right now i need: a 32x32 main block sprite (you know like in mario where all the ground is just one major block) a 50x50 sword sprite a 20x20 Pistol and when i say the dimensions please know that that does not mean fill up the entire square it just to give some room for the things and i can will go back and make all the white spots, that are unfilled, transparent this is a 2d shooter so that is why all the sprites dont have a 3rd dimension
  2. Hello, Recently I have been working on a 2d sidescroller and have finished the singleplayer story mode but want to add kind of a multiplayer mode to play with friends. It is all coded in html5 using the canvas feature. I will provide a download link to it. When you open it, open the html file called "Multiplayer test". I already have the basic player movement and knife attack and scroll wheel weapon swtich, but before i go any further i would like to learn how to actually set up the multiplayer aspect. Any help would be much appreciated. Download: