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  1. Am I installing the latest version of the Blender exporter? I go here… … and then download, then add it onto Blender and it all works. But it's version 4.6.1 There's a, is that the latest version? But there's no in that folder so how do you install? (I tried, but it didn't work. This is Blender 2.79, btw) Thanks in advance
  2. Sorry, @visam got busy and never completed this project.
  3. Yeah, I was going to work on an FBX importer this Christmas break. Just have to finish grading. My issue is skinned models w/ animations, they never import properly without a lot of massaging. But I'd love to compare notes.
  4. Visual Studio provides a nice environment for developing cross-platform apps. To do so you need to first install the Apache Cordova plug-in. Once that's installed you can develop and debug your Babylon.js app using the Ripple Emulator which uses the latest Google Chrome). The problem occurs when you want to deploy to an actual device, like an Android tablet or phone. If you're running anything less than Android Lollipop (< V5.0), your Babylon.js app won't work because it runs in a webview and older webviews to do not support WebGL. The solution is to add CrossWalk to your Visual Studio project. In Visual Studio 15.0, the path is: Project > config.xml > Plugins > Core > Crosswalk Webview Engine (click the add button). This didn't appear to work until I did a Rebuild All. After that, it deployed just fine. FYI
  5. DeltaKosh, thanks!!! The latest version of Babylon fixed everything. Samuel, when you import into 3DS Max, you have to check the option for unit scaling=1.0 (I think it's set to automatic and you have to change it to cm for scaling=1.0) Deltakosh, are more than 4 weight influences handled now?
  6. Oh, I bet that's the problem. I will try upgrading my Babylon and let you know. Thanks Deltakosh.
  7. (Sorry for all the problems lately, but you know how it is with end-of-the-semester project deadlines!) Anyway, for some reason the latest version of the 3DS Max => Babylon converter doesn't work anymore for skinned models. I think it has to do with scaling units. It used to work fine last year, but the latest version is broken. I'm attaching the .fbx file that I import into 3DS Max, texture, and the Babylon output that I get. Again, this used to work. We've tried all week to find a workaround, to no avail. Hispanic_Male.babylon
  8. Haha, I don't know about that. But my grant is winding down so I definitely will spend more time with the Babylon.js community! Love you guys.
  9. Hi all, I need help with changing textures of animated models. So…I'm able to change the textures of non-animated models in real-time, by setting the mesh.material.diffuseTexture property. But my skinned / animated models ignore the change. Any clues would be much appreciated. Thanks, - Nick
  10. So if Sanders passes Hillary in actual delegates (not the crooked super-) there will be chaos in the DNC. #FeelTheBern <= makes me lol

  11. I have a model with a non-skinned animation (no rig, pieces animated through rotations of sub-meshes). To my surprise these models run when loaded on Babylon. Problem is not all the animation is playing, and the animation loops. How do you control these "non-skinned" animations? Thanks - Nick
  12. Those skyboxes I posted are wrong, btw. Here are the correct ones, in case anyone needs skybox test files. (I release to the public domain)
  13. I hate when I do that. My skybox files were in the folder assets/skybox. I tried to load them as: skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("assets/skybox", scene); The correct code is: skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("assets/skybox/skybox", scene); Sorry for wasting your time.
  14. I get a weird red/checkered background (see attached). Thanks! - Nick