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  1. Thanks a ton! I finished the cover art for the game
  2. work in progress on the mission select screen. (Click image to see video)
  3. The in-game art and the cartoon art is all mine. The painterly-style art is by my friend Edward Dennis. I'm doing the logic, art, design for the game while Andrew Masson is working on the music. Here's some updates on the game (being made in Construct 2 by the way)
  4. After finishing school, I am finally picking this game back up.
  5. Thank you I am getting ready to release the game in about a week. I'll have a link to the android and web version real soon
  6. Some new concept art and news for Notion Games' next big project, Team Notion! Here is the main villain Ne-Ne ("Neh-neh") who is looking to complete the god gene so that he may become a god. Here is the ship designed for the main characters of the game (Sandy, Drew, and Agent Red) Notion Games and Pure Nintendo Magazine has teamed up to bring you the Team Notion developer diary. This diary is published every issue a covers everything from character designs, level design, hardships of being an indie game developer, and more. We have been in 3 issues so far so check out Pure Nintendo magazine and stay up to date with the latest info on Notion Games' next big project, Team Notion! Thanks
  7. @drops Thank you! I worked on this game for about a 13 months
  8. Up Up Ubi was my first game ever released through Notion Games LLC. It was released on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and that was before I learned how to use Construct 2 to create my games. I was working with a programmer at the time and I just focus on the game design and the artwork. We ended up parting ways after the game was complete but I was left with code that I had no idea how to utilize. The game never saw any updates like I wanted it to. People were constantly asking about an Android version and I was meaning to get it made ever since. Now that I know how to create games on my own using Construct 2, and after releasing Super Ubie (Is)Land, I decided it would be cool to remake Up Up Ubi from scratch… so here it is as Up Up Ubie Remix!
  9. Hey guys, I have a question. I'm really thinking about the cartoon aspect of Team Notion, and trying to get the games we make a bigger audience (we do need to eat haha). So, I am wondering about rehauling Team Notion the game as a whole. I redesigned Sandy with a more "edgy" design. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Should I stick with my gut and go with the fun cartoony style of the current version, or the more "cool" feeling style of an older Sandy? (Sandy is 10 in the cartoon version and she is 17 in the newer version)
  10. yay. finished the game in 5 days. unlockable characters, achievements, easter eggs and i bug tested as much as possible