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  1. Has anyone created a simple, all-exclusive template for making mobile games with Gamemaker:Studio? I'm interested not only in supporting multiple resolutions, but also in how you're supposed to handle ads. Especially through Leadbolt. I know that Truevalhalla has a paid system and there's other free systems out there. I was wondering if there's a single tutorial or collection of tutorials to get things up and running successfully. Thank you for any answer on the topic. I'd love to know if there's a particular tutorial you followed that helped you do things like integrate advertisement as well! - Maniac
  2. Hah, sorry if I seem impatient. 20 Days is a lot of time to wait when you're sitting on a game that could be making mula! I really appreciate you taking the time to write this out for me, and it's super helpful. To be honest, I should have posted it both places, but totally forgot about the Scirra forums! I might still post there. I definitely wanted to make sure someone responded with experience of actually selling games, which seems a higher likelihood here. I just didn't expect people to take the time to look into the post and not respond, the views ranked up so fast that it was slightly distressing. Again, I appreciate the help and didn't mean to sound overdemanding. Thank you, Tumira.
  3. I've waited for over 20 days for a reply to this, now with over 240 views. I was hoping someone could please help me out. Does no one actually know what is desired by HTML5 web publishers when it comes to this problem for Construct 2? Thank you for any reply concerning the matter!
  4. I've been recently working in Construct 2 which has a lot of options for scaling and such. I'm making a pixel-art game at 240x160 (half the typical 480x320 suggested by others) and was wondering what systems have been made for Construct 2 in integrating advertisement, checking orientation, and generally which resizing/scaling is most favored by web portals for selling my games to. I want to get this right the first time, as it seems like something I struggle with a lot. Searching is difficult, and normally turns up helpful, but non-technical information, like the hints of "don't just target one resolution." That's good general information, but now that I'm in the thick of it, I want my games re-sizing, hiding the nav-bar, and adjusting like the best of them. I've seen options for GameMaker, including the Mobility Engine by TrueValhalla, but as I'm using Construct 2, these aren't exactly compatible. Let me know if I'm out of luck or not! I appreciate any answer!