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  1. Hi guys, Here is a web app developed in JavaScript, using Google Earth APIs and UniWand HTML5 SDK, that uses smartphone as an intuitive flight control. The demo video is hosted on this YouTube page. The web app is hosted as a sample in this UniWand framework page, from where you can install the Android app and try out the Google Earth sample. We'd like to know your opinion about the same. Hope you'd like it! Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, Here is another demo using UniWand's HTML5 APIs. Here, we are controlling Google Earth using UniWand as Flight Control, making it more like a 3D flying game. The sample is hosted at http://app.uniwand.info. More demos are coming your way. Checkout this playlist for all the demos. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, We have been building a framework called UniWand that enables controlling online 3D content using smartphones as wand controllers with latency < 20ms. It can be used to control WebGL models based on the how you hold the phone in your hand. Here is a one minute video showing some of the demos: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=XFcH1Rm8Doc&vq=large You can try out the beta version from this location : http://app.uniwand.info The other useful features that it can enable are: Second screen for online videos (similar to that of YouTube) Tablet companion apps for e-learning content. We’re curious to know your opinions and queries. Hope you’d like it! Thanks!