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  1. Thanks owendeery, Some of our staff think the same as you about the flight speed. I think it will be fixed soon. I really appreciate your feedback.
  2. Really thank you! Im glad you liked it and gave me your opinion Nikolayku
  3. Nada surf, Anni B. Sweet, Lori Meyers and Supersubmarina
  4. RazorSharpFang thank you very much I really appreciate your feedback! Anyone else has played?
  5. Hello, we are a new indie game studio and we have just finished our first game, BabyBalloon. http://www.jujogames.com/games/babyballoon We want the HTML 5 Game Dev community to be firsts to play it. We have developed the HTML5 version and the .APK will be soon in the Google Play Store. We invite you to try it. Feedback and advices are welcome. Thanks for all we learned from you by reading this forum.
  6. Your game is great! I got stunned!
  7. Both versions runs quite well on my ipad2
  8. Thanks for the playlists I'm enjoying them a lot!