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  1. If you want to skip the email signup then just go to /game.php, or just type something that looks like an email in the box. yall are a little prickle-y this is not a finished game and not a big deal. Feel free to ask questions nicely ha.
  2. Anyone can now play the game for free. Sorry for the wait!
  3. Certainly open to ideas and creative feedback, esp. once I start testing the gameplay!
  4. Currently working on my first bullet hell game, using Phaser CE. Been prototyping some new weapons and mechanics lately, have been posting a lot of updates in other channels. See main site: nunguns.com. A description of the game-to-be: Nuns with Guns is a gothic, dungeon-crawler-bullet-hell that celebrates blowing away evil monsters with extreme prejudice (in order to rescue wee orphan children from demons). Eventually, our hero will blast her way through 8 stages of cartoon-y gore and violence in order to rescue her retinue of kids--recently kidnapped from St. Germane's school for
  5. I am still having this ish. Is the solution basically just to switch to P2 then?
  6. Thanks, this was a brilliant little fix! Worked like a charm for me.
  7. This is very cool @langet16, can I ask how you got it onto Google Play? I am working on a twin stick game right now too.
  8. Found this entire thread very helpful, thanks so much, again, @Raicuparta!! I'm the @InsightDude twitter-er.
  9. Tremendously helpful convo guys! It helped me to implement multitouch on my game menu, and also as a controller for my mobile game--I am converting a game from desktop to mobile. How do you get the coordinates of the touch?
  10. Any specific examples of folks using Phaser to actually make fireworks? I would def be interested.
  11. Elegant solution, thanks gang!
  12. I think it's great. I like the way it incrementally gets harder. How many levels are there? I stopped at 15. I also like the double-layer canvas, it makes for a cooler background. All around pretty sweet!
  13. I actually have been using Intel XDK to build my HTML5 games into mobile apps. NOT a dumb question, you are clearly looking for a development environment for your HTML5 to become a mobile app methinks? You should also check out Cordova and Phonegap. Cool.
  14. I have been trying to make my game responsive. One major issue is that when you doubletap on tablet it adjusts the screen size. I used this fix: <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=.7, user-scalable=no"> And it resizes it fine for tablet and desktop, but not for mobile. Is there a way to code a double-tap event listener that will eliminate the resizing feature instead?? btw, my game: http://5ermash.com/creditevaders3.html Thanks!
  15. This article might help. I know that websockets is supposed to work for multiplayer. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13888636/using-websockets-for-multiplayer-html5-games-development-what-to-choose-node-j http://rawkes.com/articles/creating-a-real-time-multiplayer-game-with-websockets-and-node.html Admittedly, I have not used the technique yet myself...
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