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  1. Interesting. I doubt such a game is made with 3d (threejs) often. What made you do this?
  2. It could be that you're swapping textures like crazy. That would slow things down alright. If you could use a png spritesheet instead of separate svg's, I think it would make quite a difference. Or maybe there's another way to do it with svg, I've never used them.
  3. Hard to say. Maybe you could PM me the graphics stuff, so I can have a look. (The files are not really manageable)
  4. Use a temporary obj? If obj1.x > obj2.x create a temp obj. Switch them around.
  5. Hmm, I think you need to make sure you are always checking from left to right (sort the objects first?). '// Top of other' is triggered because obj1 is actually to the right of obj2.
  6. Nice game! I think you're slightly overpriced for a casual game. Maybe check yourself if the user still has a chance? I would like the game to restart the level when I fall
  7. We are lazy. We use a physics engine (or collision library). Wikipedia is quite enlightening. Optimization is done mostly through pruning and partitioning.
  8. Now I won't even have to change the time I can just catch the request... Slightly more trouble upfront (fake the nameserver, serve response), but then I can really get going. But I guess it would prevent the average user from cheating. Couldn't you just save the last used time, and see if it magically decreases... The user is going to corrrect the time again, and if they start up the game, just remove the bonus?
  9. Milton

    Game loop advice

    Nonsense. Your logic was crap. And anyone who claims otherwise is an idiot (And that's why you changed it, obviously...)
  10. Milton

    Game loop advice

    So what's the verdict? I see you have changed your logic, which would mean I was right?
  11. Milton

    Game loop advice

    I beg to differ The movement is necessary, but using correct logic. I'm a big fan though Antriel
  12. Milton

    Game loop advice

    const x = ... seems dodgy to me. You completely ignore the logic you use in the while loop (e,g, bunny.vel.x * (STEP / 1000) * bunny.dir.x;), and boundary checks... And what happens when 'dt' comes back as faster than 'STEP', e.g 15 or 16. The entire 'while' is skipped and everything goes haywire. No logic is used whatsoever, lastPos is never set, etc... You should just use 'dt' instead of STEP (and fractions of it).
  13. I think you need to add a tutorial or gameplay video Looks very cool though!
  14. I've been using Pixi Canvas (with Phaser 1 and 2) for ages, and it is fast enough for most anything 2D. Your game should not need WebGL. These GPU problems are mostly driver related, I've seen them happen even with an empty loop, there's nothing to fix.