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  1. Milton

    MTB Hero

    I did 54.10 the first race after I maxed out I think. That was a fluke Although I can do 55's pretty consistently. The trick is looking ahead, pretty much ignoring the current gate. Move as little as possible, but try to get back to the middle. Tried out some of the other (driving) games too. This is a lot better use of the engine, imo.
  2. Milton

    MTB Hero

    53.53 Don't think I can go much faster. Excellent game!
  3. Milton

    stock trading

    If you have to ask, you're not ready for it. My advice is, give me all your money, and I'll give you a 3% yearly return
  4. Why would the server get a signal for 'debugger open'? Only if the client cooperates. The only somewhat viable option is 'a lot of interaction'. So keep the line open, keep asking for things they may not know about... In the end, it's a losing game. It just depends how much trouble it's worth. Even Microsoft and Apple get hacked...
  5. Just google for 'prevent highscore hack'. This has been a problem forever...
  6. If it's for HTML5 gamedev, create a website with your portfolio. The rest doesn't matter too much... Put up a resume somewhere, so we can have a look.
  7. If your object moves more than 5 pixels, use smaller sub steps (in 1 update).
  8. What would be the advantage over Typescript? Phaser already has TS defs, so you can compile to WebAssembly whenever you like.
  9. Guess you should use onComplete and then create a new tween. Doesn't look like you can update position, see
  10. sprite.inputEnabled typo?
  11. No Either change the w2 source or maybe try jQuery Combo. I'm sure they have a combo with add item.
  12. You would need to alter the source. Combo doesn't do what you want.
  13. You should probably ask in the new forum, but anyway: Your hinted_pieces[ i ] probably doesn't work as an index for the child array (only 0 and 1 would work).
  14. You still use Phaser, just a different Physics engine. Matter is a lot more advanced than Arcade, and not much slower...
  15. 3ms is insane. I would suggest switching to Matter, and configuring your collision.