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  1. I think you're taking too big a leap :) Maybe go with Phaser first, check out Emanuele Feronato's tutorials.
  2. The forum is now here. Use matter. See this example.
  3. Maybe check out Panda uses Three.js for 3D, there are probably a lot of 'minecraft' examples available for Three. Like this one.
  4. It's basically a 'vertical endless runner'. A google search gives this tutorial. The 'hotride' game is Isometric, but you should only worry about that after you've finished coding a basic 2D version. Then just project it to 2.5D.
  5. Ich würde es auf Englisch im aktuellen Forum versuchen. Du wirst hier nicht viel Antwort bekommen.
  6. Versuchs mal auf Englisch... Supply a link, and most important of all, use the real forum
  7. I'm going crazy. Now it goes wrong for me too What did you do... Well, your solution works, so just reverse the hex for now, and create a github issue. I'll look at it later when I have some time. Or maybe someone on the actual forum ( can help you.
  8. Works fine for me when tinting. Are you on an oldschool system? Like a VAX or some sort of mainframe
  9. You're saying bobs are liitle-endian? That would be weird...
  10. Strange. Try Works for me.
  11. 0xff is the same as 0x0000ff. It's both 255. And both should be blue...
  12. Phaser moved to Babylon moved to
  14. I pressed the only green thing. Buy, I guess. That gave me a login. Didn't understand the other ones would be free...
  15. My mistake. I mixed up 2 games (the Atheios one...).
  16. I tried on desktop. Gave up as soon as it needed a login.
  17. Interesting. I doubt such a game is made with 3d (threejs) often. What made you do this?
  18. It could be that you're swapping textures like crazy. That would slow things down alright. If you could use a png spritesheet instead of separate svg's, I think it would make quite a difference. Or maybe there's another way to do it with svg, I've never used them.
  19. Hard to say. Maybe you could PM me the graphics stuff, so I can have a look. (The files are not really manageable)
  20. Use a temporary obj? If obj1.x > obj2.x create a temp obj. Switch them around.
  21. Hmm, I think you need to make sure you are always checking from left to right (sort the objects first?). '// Top of other' is triggered because obj1 is actually to the right of obj2.
  22. Nice game! I think you're slightly overpriced for a casual game. Maybe check yourself if the user still has a chance? I would like the game to restart the level when I fall
  23. We are lazy. We use a physics engine (or collision library). Wikipedia is quite enlightening. Optimization is done mostly through pruning and partitioning.
  24. Now I won't even have to change the time I can just catch the request... Slightly more trouble upfront (fake the nameserver, serve response), but then I can really get going. But I guess it would prevent the average user from cheating. Couldn't you just save the last used time, and see if it magically decreases... The user is going to corrrect the time again, and if they start up the game, just remove the bonus?