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  1. mrvinegar

    Unity Web Exporter?

    Has the Unity web exporter improved in the last year? Thinking about using it for a project but the last time I checked it wasn't fit for purpose..
  2. Update, even using this way of loading audio, I still see the error listed at the link below when the page is reloaded
  3. Aha: game.load.onLoadComplete.add(createGame,this);
  4. Still need an answer to my question above
  5. If I use game.load , how do I point it it to a complete handler other than "create" ?
  6. I'm running Phaser using Canvas mode for IE 11, it doesn't seem to work in auto mode. I have an audio pre-loader, like this: var loaderGame1 = new Phaser.Loader(game);'n', ['audio/a.mp3', 'audio/a.ogg']);It works fine in Chrome, Firefox etc, but on IE 11 it hangs and i see .. Phaser.Loader fileComplete invalid index the console Loading other audio in preload() in this way works fine...'n', ['audio/a.mp3', 'audio/a.ogg']);Help!
  7. Thanks, but when I try "" outside preload(), i.e after create is called when a button is clicked, the referenced audio doesn't load, I don't see an error, but the audio doesn't load...
  8. Would you have an example of this?
  9. Instead of loading all my audio upfront, i want to do it when each level is loaded, but when I try to load audio outside of preload () it doesn't work, is there a way of doing this? Thanks...
  10. Anyone else seeing this? e.g This doesn't work
  11. Ok, I thought this was solved, but now drag events aren't working on Android Firefox, does anyone else see this?
  12. My game runs fine on Chrome Android on a Nexus 7, but on Firefox it crawls and I get "unresponsive script" messages constantly appearing... Has anyone seen something similar?
  13. This answers my question