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  1. I really liked the look of your games. Good quality!
  2. I'm testing Jchtml5 out myself at the moment. Really good engine you have put together.
  3. I think you should start with HTML5, since you have experience of javascript. Unity uses a version of javascript too, but you have to know a bit more about working in a 3d-program-environment too. If you want to get a bit more advanced then HTML5, download the free version of Unity and try it out.
  4. That is a book I have to buy. Thanx for the tip.
  5. It took a while to figure out.
  6. I like it. But no sound?
  7. Well, as the topic says... Is Enchant.js dead? There is not anything new written over there in a while, and the most text is in japanese.. Does anyone know if there are any development of this framework?
  8. Great. Just what I was looking for.