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  1. How can I find html5 games that I can add to my site to make a mobile friendly html5 gaming site? Thanks for letting me know the methods. Also, Im looking for any html5 tower defence games as well so if anyone has any of them or know of any let me know if possible. Thanks! And have yourself a merry little christmas. tdmike.
  2. Very good games. Can I add it to my site? Let me know. Thanks.
  3. Tdmike


    What a fantastic thread! Hi all just joined. Great to meet you all. Im currently learning to use Scirra for html5 dev and working on building some mobile friendly html5 gaming sites. Hope to be of some use or find something useful here at some point. Thanks and see you around. Mike.
  4. Solace just tried the game on my iPhone 5 but the map was shrunk and not stretched to use the whole screen. Attached screenshot of how I mean. Obviously they are much smaller than that on my screen. Thought you should know. Probably one of the better html5 tower defence games Ive seen. How can I add it to my site? Thanks.