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  1. you can attach the emitter to the sprite, but the result was not what I wanted.
  2. I come to the conclusion that it can't be done with the phaser's particle system. I had to create my little tiny particle system and make the engine thrust act very close to a "trail". The result is rendered on a render texture, so I guess it should be pretty fast. I will eventually post the source code.
  3. I have a game with an "asteroid-like" view. I'm fighting with the particle system to build a believable engine thrust but I'm failing miserably. I've seen the sci fly example and a demo on codepen. Basically you either link the emitter to the sprite or update the emitter position in the update phase. I have no problems making the particles work, but it's hard to make it "believable". The issues I'm encountering are: 1) The direction/gravity of the thrust should always be opposite to the spaceship direction, but particles should not follow the spaceship once emitted. Meaning that attaching the emitter to the sprite is a no-no, unless I'm missing something. 2) The particles should have some sort of "friction", so when the spaceship turns the particles form a nice arc 3) When the burst is off, the particles shouldn't stop right away but extinguish slowly. I was thinking to add a tween to the emitter Y, unless there's a simpler way. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. PS: is there a phaser particle system editor/previewer somewhere?
  4. you are a rockstar, enpu. keep up the good work
  5. sometimes you need PHP for your games (say to save stats or leaderboards or user logins etc...). I'm saying that PHP has a lightweight integrated web server and you don't need a full WAMP environment to run a webserver. Mongoose is very nice but the free version only includes the web server (no PHP). I'm just proposing a lightweight alternative.
  6. php has a built in web server. php -S localhost:8888and you have both a webserver and of course php parser (mongoose free is only a webserver and wamp is way too many things )
  7. omg! we are all gonna dieee! congrats guys. Really great work. now... about the docs...
  8. very nice game, polished and very well executed. I don't like the BGM but maybe it's just me. Also, I don't like games that rely on timeout but --again-- it's just personal preference (edit: I just found the other game modes, very nice!). Definitely one of the best games I saw here.
  9. can we all agree on stop making flappy clones? kidding yours is very well done actually.
  10. cubiq

    last keyDown?

    is there an integrated way to get the last keydown (of actually pressed keys) inside the "update"? At the moment I've found two workarounds, one by checking the timestamps the other with event listeners (basically overriding the internal ones). Am I missing something? thanks
  11. seems to work only on mobile (maybe it listens to touch events only?). the game is very well done, nice graphics. I would suggest to preload the next level while playing.
  12. the build system is optional and recommended only at the end of the dev phase, just before going production. The "hello world" example is basically what you get from the config that comes with the zip. Try to download it and run from your webserver. I agree the framework needs better documentation though
  13. very nice library... just a bit hard to follow in Japanese.