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  1. I've bought it, I also don't have plans to use it but was the engine I've made my first game!
  2. Yes, I'm watching it too, very funny tv show!
  3. Hi, If your project will be a game, you'll need a 3D game engine, like Unity3D for example. But if you just want to render the 3d ball or make an animation of it, look for 3D tools, like 3DS Max, Blender(free), etc.
  4. You can mail publishers and offer your native versions, why not? I know that ClickJogos have interest in native versions, and if I not wrong, Keygames made a post about native versions too, search trought the forums. Good luck!
  5. I'm having a issue with the iPhone 3GS on my game, if you have a iphone 3gs version and can test my game please let me know! Thanks.
  6. No, it's not a exclusive license, we already sold some non-exclusive license of this game, but I think we will release the game on the Appstores ourselfs, its our first game and we want to learn the process and build our portfolio.
  7. A publisher ask me for a Appstore and Google Play license for my html5 game, how much do you guys would charge for it?
  8. What do you guys use to receive money from publishers? I've used Paypal but they got me 7,4% fee per transaction, that's a lot! Wire transfers also have high fee's in my country (Brazil).
  9. I dont use phaser, but you need to convert your wav file to m4a format to play on ios safari, and if you have the option, preload the sound first. Also, the user must touch first to activate sounds.
  10. Thanks for the reply, very good advise. It would be a problem if I sell a non-exclusive license to a publisher and then accept a 50/50 revenue share from another publisher that distribute the game to the first publisher portals too?
  11. I've just finished my game and sent some e-mails to publishers seeking for non-exclusive license model, the ones that reply until now are only offering revenue sharing models, any of you guys do this business model? How it works? It worth?
  12. I've optimized the biggest images and now the game has 2.5mb! For the quality of the graphics I think its very acceptable now! Thanks guys!