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  1. I don't understand why you still have a problem. Why the child cannot be moved ? Because in my second demo you can see that the child does not move when you set it a parent. Can you please detail your problem (thus the community can help you and it could be helpful to future users). Thanks you.
  2. Hi, A mesh always has its parent rotation, the only way for doing what you want is to explain the child transform matrix into the parent space in order to keep is previous position. Here the code you probably have : In this jsFiddle when you click on the button you just create the parent relation, so the child object move because its position, rotation and scale are now explain in the parent space (before theire was explained into the world space). Here the code to change the transform : In this example, if you click on "applyParent" button you will se that nothing seems to be done, but if you look the scene.meshes array, you will see that the child cube has parent cube as parent. I explain what I've done by commenting the code, I think its what you need. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me. I hope it could be helpful.
  3. Hi, I don't think the "mouseover" event could be fired when you are moving your mouse over a mesh. Because this means your are always checking if the mouse is over a mesh. I have seen an example on babylonsJs website which use actions and actionManager to change the display of a mesh, I think it could help you to do what you want. Here the code and the example. You can start by updating babylonJS code to fire a custom event and see if it can works for your project. If it works you will have to make it usable by everyone. Hope it could helpful. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hi, Dad72, thank you for trying to help but your answer does not make sense, the "return true" cannot cause this error, so even if you put some other code into the two function the error still be there. As dpanzo said, his error was "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" on line 32. For me it means that your are trying to call the .RegisterPlugin function which is not defined. Could you please check in your "babylon.sceneLoader.js" file if you have the registerPlugin method, if not it means you do not have the latest version on babylonJS. Else sorry i have no other idea. Hope it was helful. Thanks for reading.
  5. Hi, Sorry but i have no idea for now. Could you please give us the picture of your texture ? thus we can try to load it and look if FPS drop down. You can also try with another texture file in order to try if the problem comes from your first texture.
  6. I made a jsFiddle to find a solution, I cannot load any texture from the JSfiddle (and i haven't got your texture). But FPS is always up to 60. Could you please try your scene without your texture ? May be the problem comes from the texture (it's the only difference between our scenes). I give you the JSFiddle if you want to try it by yourself. Hope it can be helpful.
  7. Hi, I have tried with some babylon.js demos and everything seems to be all right. Sometimes FPS fall down to 50, but it rises to 60 immediately. Is it possible for you to make an exemple that we can try ? Like a jsFiddle, thus we can compare with your result. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have got this message: "WEBGL11258: Basculement temporaire vers le rendu logiciel pour afficher le contenu WebGL." sorry my IE is in french. But i think it is the french message for "Using SoftWare renderer". If it is, what should I do to disable the SW renderer ? Thanks.
  9. Hi, To be sure that Visual studio does not activate the debbuger, I have tried with the Heart demo on And the difference is still huge: 8 fps for IE: And 121 fps for Firefox: Have you got the same difference ? may be your are using an upper version of IE than us ? Thanks for your answer.
  10. I tried both, but i didn't see any difference. But in my screens it was from the taskbar.
  11. Hi, I have tried to find the "Using SW renderer" in the F12 console, but i did not find it. The only thing i found is in the internet options, but i did not see any difference between the two modes. Can you be more precise about the "Using SW renderer" ? Moreover, I cannot explain why the FPS of the same scene in Firefox (or Chrome) and IE is different. For example in the heart scene of BuildOurOwnBabylonJS project: I have 10 FPS for IE and 51 for Firefox. Internet Explorer screen: Firefox screen: Is there any possibility to make IE more efficient ? Thanks for your answers.
  12. Hi, I am working on decomposing the world matrix of a mesh, I need it in order to keep rotation, scale and position of a mesh in world space (because these parameters are relative to the parent) if you import it without importing its parents. By testing different codes to decompose the matrix and to transform it into a quaternion, I notice that when you create a BABYLON.quaternion.RotationYawPitchRoll(yaw, pitch, roll) and you call the toEulerAngles() method on this quaternion, it does not return the passed yaw, pitch and roll. I wonder if this behavior is normal ? if yes can you explain me why ? I made a JsFiddle to explain my question. Please look at the console line to see the log.
  13. Hi, I was looking on mesh.dispose() method and I noticed that when you dispose a parent without disposing its children, it removes the parent from the scene, but the children still has a reference to the parent. So i wonder if this reference is not memory expensive? I made a jsFiddle to illustrate my question. When you click on dispose button, it removes the mesh "Box2" from the scene, but if you look into the console, you will see that the mesh "Box" still has a reference to "Box2" in its parent value. Should we delete the parent reference of every child when we decide to dispose it? I decided to test deleting parent reference of every child, and I noticed that when you remove the parent reference, the mesh does not move (jsFiddle to illustrate: whereas it should move because its position was relative to its parent, and we have removed it, so its position is now relative to the world. I found why it does not move. It's because in the "isSynchronized" method, the parent of the mesh is not in cache, so if you change it or remove it, it does not change anything about the object. I think the object must be updated when its parent changes in order to apply transform to its position, rotation and scaling, because it must keep its place in the scene. I forced it to move it by setting a new position (the cache is thus invalidated). Here's the link Please read the logs in the console.
  14. Thanks for your answer, I found a solution this morning, could you please tell me if it seems to be the right way to solve the problem. I made a jsFiddle to explain my choice. (change l61 and l70-75).
  15. Hi, Thanks Deltakosh for your wiki page about merging meshes ( It helped me to create a function to merge a mesh to another one. I added the function to your Mesh class and I could send you a pull-request if you want. Nevertheless I'm not totaly happy about it since I didn't manage to avoid to create a new mesh to contain the result of the merging. Indeed, I think it could be helpful to directly modify the first mesh to be the merged mesh, thus the process could be simpler to chain meshes merging (and I need this ) and more efficient. Here are two jsfiddles. The first one gives the good result but a new mesh has to be created, the second one avoids the creation of a new mesh but the result is translated and I don't understand why. (only two lines are different: l48 and l65)