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  1. Hi,I played Fish Tank, Tunnel Runner, Ninja Escape and Meteor Shower. Ninja Scape are really good, but I agree width venam about add some tutorial. I like Meteor Shower..I want to try on mobile device but I can't
  2. Hello, you could use Steering Behavior from Programming Game AI by Example. The Wander behaviors and other and combine them. We develop a game that we have an fly insect that flying around a certain area, and user wander behaviors. Ofcourse simplify all process, adding force and all the rest, only use the movement. View my "Super Bola and Tasilany" topic, and look the game Tasilany on the main menu.
  3. Hi, i recommend you to use touchstart since mousedown or click, use moderniz or something to detect touch device and call touch event or click event. If you centered or align the canvas you should add offsetLeft and offsetTop to x y coord. And look body,html{ margin:0px; padding:0px;}
  4. This is a prototype, the programing is about 85%, the designer is busy now! , next february finish!
  5. Hello, We develop a game that we use a clock (timer) and when the page lose the focus (blur) we show an pause images and stop the updateClock,and stop all of course and when the user click or touch a button to resume, we reset the clock and set this.lastAdvanceTime = 0 again and continuous updateClock. this.realElapsedTime is the total time and is in milliseconds. if (this.lastAdvanceTime == 0) this.lastAdvanceTime = time; this.realElapsedTime += (time - this.lastAdvanceTime); this.lastAdvanceTime = time; hope it helps.
  6. Fill the Holes, I playing now, is really good, I like all the animations and transitions!!
  7. Hi, nice game, I like it, I played your game in PC using Firefox 26 and run smooth. I like more the timed mode. In both modes on his first rendering frame the clock has NaN;NaN, I think you maybe want to change that. And when the page loose the focus (onBlur), you stop the timer, but internally continue advance the time. Good luck
  8. Hello, I saw your game, I don't have android devices, I never use SVG in my project,we always use canvas, but i like SVG, high quality and look nice responsive!! I am studying SVG. About your user interface, the menu settings is a little transparent and maybe a lot charged; and you help screen is always in front of menu settings screen, although it is the last selected. The effect when you restart the game is really good. I read you help screen and i like that about separated thread.
  9. Man vs Penguins, is awesome and I like your effect when the character collided with the penguin, is really good
  10. I think is very important base resolution (I vote for 480x320), the game that have a lot motion you need to be careful, and you can do the scaled manteining a aspect ratio of 480x320, and having some groups of images resolution to load depend of the screen dimension..
  11. Okay, thank, i understand, you are right our game have lots of scrolling and motion, we going to be alert with the speed. What do you think about scale the canvas per ratio????? (property width and height, hardware scaling no??). For example on 1080x1920 (Galaxy S4), ratio 480x320 (we uses that), on landscape orientation the canvas scaled about 1620x1080, is large!.
  12. Hello, we develop a new side-scrolling platform game, is about a car that jump different obstacles and uses turbo (nitrous like need for speed). We are going to use 2 main buttons, for jump and accelerate with turbo, register mouse listener and mapping them to touch listener in case we detect a touch device (moderniz library for example). We construct the game under 480x320 resolution, we use a main div scale 100% to the screen and centered canvas that scale width ratio (480x320). And are going to use two group of images, low res and high res and load them. We need recomendations. our idea is correct??? what resolution or width of the screen we use to select low resolution and high resolution? what image resolution we could use for high resolution? Any opinion will be apreciated.
  13. Looks fun, i like your design..
  14. Game #3 is amazing. I can not leave until i finished. The 3 games run perfectly, smooth.
  15. looks very nice, I played it and i like it, I looked and I learned new things, we develop 2 classic games too, in the last two months, see the post Super Bola and Tasilany., and we want build a new game, and what are you going to do for a mobile version.. because our next game is a bit similar...and we use requestNextAnimationFrame (polyfill function) for the main loop, this method is more millisecond precise i think, the browser assuredly knows better than we when to draw the next frame, setInterval and setTimeout dont know nothing about animation.