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  1. Why is your background layer moves faster then the game layer? If you want to achive parallax effect then it should be vice versa.
  2. Hello, guys! Just finished new game. It's very fun match5 puzzle. Enjoy!
  3. Nice game! Only thing, that I would suggest is to add player's view direction to the map. Because without it, very easy to confuse where to go in some cases.
  4. Nice game! Did you try add some inertia to jelly? I think it gives more interesting gameplay.
  5. Hello there. No, I'm going to post it here, on this forum, in few days.
  6. Good game, but I think that will be better if the door will react on any tap even on the same floor.
  7. Thanks for your comment! Yes, viewporter provide nice feature when resizing game to small screen. See github page for detailed description. As for color blind people, I will think about it. Thanks!
  8. Hello, guys! Just finished making my first html5 game. It's endless bubble shooter game, designed special for smartphones. Enjoy! Link to play
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