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  1. So there are no best practices on this?
  2. Hi, I know about the preload, create and update function in Phaser. But I only really recently learned about the init function. And now I'm wondering: when am I supposed to use it? What code should I put in the init function? Setting the physics engine? Scaling the game? Adding a background color? Something else? So far I put all of this at the beginning of the create function. Is that a bad idea? will using the init function instead have any advantage? Thanks!
  3. It's my thread actually! But it was posted 2 years ago... I wonder if things have changed since.
  4. Hi, I'm wondering what's are the differences between anchor and pivot? And when should we use one over the other? Thanks!
  5. What tools should I use to concat and minify the javascript code of my Phaser games? I've never done something like this...
  6. Hi, Is there a "best format" to use for audio files in Phaser? It should: - Work across all browsers - Have a good audio quality - Not weight too much Should I use mp3, wav, or ogg? Something else? Or maybe a combination of these? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I recently discovered 2 Phaser variables that are really interesting. // Improve performances game.forceSingleUpdate = true; // Prevent blurry text game.renderer.renderSession.roundPixels = true; But I'm wondering... are there any drawbacks in using them? If not, why aren't there set to true by default? Thanks!
  8. I just tried with Phaser 2.2, and things are a lot smoother, and no more bugs in the audio on iOS. Are there any important drawbacks of using Phaser 2.2 instead of the newest ones?
  9. Hi, Is the newest version of Phaser (2.4.6) the best one to use for production games? I'm currently building a simple game that doesn't require a lot of Phaser features, but it seems to lag on some older devices. So would you recommend using an older version of Phaser that might be faster? If so, which one? Thanks!
  10. So there's no workaround? In that case, what is the oldest Phaser version without this issue?
  11. Hi, Last year I built 3 games with Phaser 1.1. Today I tried to play these games and they work fine except for the background music that doesn't loop anymore. I tested this on Chrome for Mac. Here is the code: // Play a looping background music'music').play('', 0, 0.1, true); And I get this warning in the console: 'webkitAudioContext' is deprecated. Please use 'AudioContext' instead. The music just play once, and then stops. Do you know how to fix this problem easily without having to port my games to Phaser v2 ? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I recently finished a game with Phaser that is 1000px wide. But I just realized that this is too wide, it should be 900px instead. Is there an easy way to scale my game down without having to change all the hard coded positions in my code? Like a change in css, or adding just one line of Javascript? I don't mind if the result is a little blurry, I just want a simple way to scale my game down. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I've heard about Cocoonjs, Cordova and PhoneGap to make a Phaser game as a native mobile app. And I have some questions: - Is it easy to port an existing Phaser game to a native app? Or does it requires a lot of tweaking/debugging/testing? - What are the differences between Cocoonjs, Cordova and PhoneGap? Are there other good ones that I am missing? - Which one do you recommend? Do you know any googd tutorial about it? Thanks!
  14. Yes, but in the timer version you basically do the same thing: changing the suddently the velocity. But there isn't the thrown off issue.
  15. In the version with timer ( ) the player doesn't get thrown off. Do you know why?