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  1. Agreed with above. Loved the game design & gameplay, but that swiping transition gets to you after a couple rounds. Maybe a different style of transition? The quick replay was ideal for this type of game in my opinion. No one wants to have to wait more than a few seconds to replay a level. good work!
  2. Super fun little game. Got all 3 endings. Nice job! Well-written, well-balanced & just enough of a challenge. Very reminiscent of the quality you'd see in the old Sierra or Lucasarts games. Keep going with it - would love to see more!
  3. Was flirting with the idea of switching over from Flash, had read "HTML5 Canvas (1st ed.)" by the Fulton brothers., then I saw an HTML5 panel here in NYC with Jesse Freeman + Nate Altschul about 4-5 months ago and came to the conclusion that the time was ripe. Then I read a few more books....
  4. Yeah, I agree with Travis. Very attractive game and very well-done, but I think some sort of illusion of movement besides just stars floating past would make the game a million times more appealing. It would be great if there was some sort of destination to reach that you could see scrolling below you like in schmups like 1943. It would give the game a psychological push and make the player feel that they were getting somewhere, that something unknown was waiting for them. In that way, every minute or so of screen scrolling becomes a sort of Christmas present and keeps players even more engaged. This background could also tell a story of its own. But excellent job! I think this is a fantastic departure point! Keep it going!
  5. I'd recommend reading the book by Rex Van Der Spuy. It's one of the best HTML5 resources out there for beginners and it starts you off completely from scratch. It covers basic HTML, CSS + Javascript all in one volume. Of course, you could always check out my lessons too! ***shameless plug***
  6. Yeah, the issue was in the "zombie and crusher collision" part toward the bottom (line 1750 or so). I'm not sure what version you're looking at, but in the one I sent I had three lines commented out for testing purposes. In the correct version these shouldn't be commented out. That's the only change necessary to make the game work.
  7. Well, sadly here's what happened. Before submitting I mixed up the versions.(I had three or four in a folder and it was 3;00 am or so) and zipped and submitted the wrong (buggy) version. Two hours before my game appeared on the site while they were still checking submissions, I uploaded the (correct version) of the game to my website and posted it on my Twitter feed to show everyone the game in the meantime. I only became aware of this mixup about 15 minutes ago. I've written to js13K asking them if I could substitute the correct version and am waiting for a reply. Hopefully they'll let me replace my game. Everything is exactly the same otherwise as you can see in the link below and on my Twitter feed as well as on Newgrounds where I also uploaded it at 4:30am this morning. Anyway, thanks for pointing out the mistake to me. Here's the link that I posted early this morning (the correct version). The feedback from this version didn't mention any bugs and it got a couple likes + RT, so I assumed everything had gone well. Pretty bummed out about this whole thing, but it was my own fault. We'll see what they say about replacing the files.
  8. So strange. If anyone else comes across this bug, please let me know!
  9. Could you try it in a different browser? Works fine in IE,FF,Chrome + Safari on Win 7. First time I've heard of this bug. No one else has reported it either.
  10. Weird! Did you try reloading the page? Tested this pretty meticulously before submitting. Which level did this happen on? Thanks for the feedback . Am going to be making a post-competition version with nice graphics + a cool soundtrack.
  11. Hey everyone! Just submitted my jS13K entry last night. It uses 100% canvas art and no audio. All this was to keep it under the 13K (zipped) limit for the competition. Should run fine on all browsers. Uses 2 canvases side-by-side, so make sure your window is open 100%. There are ten levels total. Not for mobile devices, unfortunately. Story: "There are 10 bloodthirsty aliens on the loose in your ship and you're the only one who can save the day. Use lasers to destroy the aliens, then throw them in the garbage disposal unit and clean up the mess." Hope you enjoy! Thanks for checking it out! Ben *** On levels 6 + 9 there is a blinking "blackout". This is not a glitch.
  12. Made a game called "Cedarville" for the 48-hour Ludum Dare competition. summary: You are about to decide the fate of 6 people from the town of Cedarville. You will be shown 6 scenarios of which you will have no prior understanding. It is your job to pick one of TWO possible solutions. Both solutions will have DIRE consequences on the life of the individual in question. If you do not reach a decision in ten seconds, a random decision will be made for you (unless otherwise specified). _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's the LD link for those of you in the competition (I always vote back): and here's the direct link to the game on my site: Hope you enjoy! Feedback always welcome!
  13. Thanks, Mike! Glad you're enjoying them! Great idea with the single press/hold down keyboard events. We'll definitely be looking at one-presses in later lessons when we pick apart the mechanics of different genres of games, but in the meantime I'll add an extra section to lesson 13 over the next few days that explains how to do just that. Appreciate the input! B.
  14. Hey everybody! Thanks for all the great feedback on the tutorials! Just wanted to let you know two things: 1. All 17 tutorials are now in a much more readable format. Originally I wrote these as txt files, but have finally gotten around to HTML-ifying them all, so if you were discouraged from reading a lesson because it was in txt, worry no more! 2. This evening I'll be putting up tutorial #18 which deals with bouncing objects of the borders of the canvas and introduces the technique of scrolling. New tutorials will be added on a weekly basis instead of daily, since I'm pretty busy working on a couple game projects. Might slip in a two-tutorial week here and there, though. Thanks, and hope you'll enjoy the new tutorials! Ben