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  1. up the topic, does anyone know any solutions for in app-purchase for web games?
  2. @mariobros to avoid this situation you need to add the the prediction on client side also, check out this article Client-Side Prediction and Server Reconciliation.
  3. @rich inform please, is there any date for adding spine to phaser 3?
  4. thanks all for feedbacks! @yee top10week players get masks, and top10month get new weapon.
  5. @MorpheusZ thanks for the link, yes, related. but there are no any solutions.
  6. @JacobM thanks! inspired by CounterStrike and Minecraft @Skeptron thanks! for Spine we use the plugin made by @Str1ngS . you can find it here . (Spine version 3.2) as I know spine-ts also you can find here.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all, thank all for feedbacks. Beta 2.04 update: Christmas Event! Hit 200 enemies and get you reward: Santa's hat!
  8. I found that games made in v2.6.2 have a huge better perfomance on mobile devices than in v2.9.4 CE (early versions too) checked the changelog, and don't see the major updates in something that may impact on this.. does anyone know why is this happening?
  9. Hi all, for example we have 3 type of images(400x600px) for background. and we have the game size (400x600px too). how to better realize the progressively selecting 3 types (or more) of images with auto-scrolling? 1) create 2 images and move their Y-coordinate, then just switching the nameFrame. I think that this decision will slow down the performance of the game. to move so big images. 2) create via tileSprite object and move tilePosition.y, create the bitmap of back1 + back2, scroll them. then re-create the bitmap... and etc. any ideas?
  10. Beta 2.02 update: this full list: Perfomance improvements. New animation system. Spine! instead frame-by-frame. Warehouse - new map. Factory - map update. User profiles Google/Twitter/Facebook. Leaderboards. Top 5 weekly and monthly players win prizes. Special items: new weapon, the mask. Bug fixes and other minor improvements. perfomance improvements - reduced the number of drawcall x2 !
  11. Will Phaser 3 support Spine animations?
  12. @Skeptron Does your solution work with Phaser? can you please upload it to github for example.
  13. and since 3 years later do anyone know the solution how to connect spine to phaser? the plugin by Orange-games is not compatible with Spine 3.6+ . only Spine 3.2..
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