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  1. Here's a little game I've made: https://games.famobi.com/new-games/street-hoops-3d?technology=web 2D physics handled by box2d and net physics by cannon.js
  2. No, I'm porting everything 'by hand'. You can't generate hx files from js. There are some typescript to haxe converters but they are useless too
  3. @Sebavan were you able to build bhx? still have problems?
  4. @Sebavan I've updated MainLime.hx, lime.audio.AudioSource is now lime.media.AudioSource but its not needed anyway... Have in mind though that currently you won't be able to see anything if you target windows because webgl2 api is not available yet. There has been some progress there, you can see here http://community.openfl.org/t/native-opengl-framebuffer-multiple-render-targets-support-possible-gl-drawbuffers-not-supported/9408/4 (I guess WebGL2/GLES3 API will be available on all platforms in next Lime release) You can target windows by using WebGL1 api if you change WebGL2Context w
  5. @Deltakosh it would be a shame for BHx project to end, but its really hard for a single person to keep up with you guys... I really hope more people will get involved
  6. I've just updated BabylonHx repo on github https://github.com/vujadin/BabylonHx I've done quite a lot of work but there is a lot more to be done. Here's a little demo from BabylonHx-Next: http://babylonhx.com/next/ Things to be done: 1. Rendering pipelines (DefaultRenderingPipeline doesn't work, haven't tried others but I guess they don't work too) 2. Animations 3. Shadows 4. Tons of other things... I've dropped support for two Haxe libs that BHx was compatible before: Snow and NME (these aren't used by Haxe people that much anyway). So now BHx works only wi
  7. @Sebavan I was thinking about BJS becoming cumbersome in general. Its quite a lot of code, the minified lib is 1.3M (compared to three.js which is about 0.5M I think). Its hardly a 'light weight engine' anymore, but this is just my personal preference and I'm not criticizing BJS, I still love it and I think its fantastic. But from a point of view of someone who makes Haxe port of it, it has become cumbersome and thus very hard to maintain. There's no specific part I can point to, its all fine from a js perspective. But in Haxe (being a strongly typed lang) things are bit different. I've s
  8. just a bit of advice - don't go with https://github.com/jeremyfa/node-ts2hx these converters are no good for real world projects, especially for a big one like babylonjs. they work on simple stuff, but give it for example https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/babylon.engine.ts and it will dye. as the author said 'it was a proof of concept' anyway. ts and haxe have similar enough syntax to use ts file and start doing conversion to haxe 'by hand'. this is my approach and it worked well. its just an advice though. anyway, if you guys are interested in keeping baby
  9. babylonjs have become too cumbersome and its very hard to keep up with it. because of the nature of Haxe language and libraries I'm using to support all the targets I had to make some changes in internal structure of the engine to be able to keep the balance in performance across the targets. with some recent changes in babylonjs it is now very hard to keep this balance, the code can't be ported to Haxe that easy anymore - at least not without serious performance hit in some targets. I don't like what bjs have become, so its time to end babylonhx
  10. http://hxscout.com/ can help you with profiling c++ target
  11. @tranlong021988 you can use that string as fragment.fx file. You can also check https://github.com/vujadin/BabylonHx/tree/master/com/babylonhx/shaders, there should be a shader for each of pp effects too. You can easily port Haxe code to ts, syntax is similar
  12. I've implemented some of the pp effects from http://www.geeks3d.com/ in BabylonHx https://github.com/vujadin/BabylonHx/tree/master/com/babylonhx/postprocess. Maybe that could help you
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