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  1. I agree with @BillyKane above. Construct 3 hands down! It's an amazing engine and with new features and bug fixes regularly - very much worth the price. It's very easy to use and hugely speeds up gamedev. I also really like Panda 2. @enpu did an amazing job on it! However, the engine hardly ever gets updated and there is very little communication
  2. Hi guys At the start of the year I've gave my self a challenge to make a game every 7 days It's been a rocky road and I've had a couple of ups and downs but I'm happy to have made 21 games so far. After having tried almost every engine under the sun, and listening to everyone telling me what I needed, I decided that coding wasn't for me and gave Construct 3 a go - I honestly couldn't be happier, as it's an amazing engine. If you're interested in checking my games out, you can play them all here ninjadoodle.com PS. For anyone interested, I also make gamedev / behind th
  3. Hi @enpu Yes sorry, my terminology is always off lol.
  4. Ho @enpu I've had a look at the Pixi plugin docs and can't find an 'overlay' filter. Just wondering whether there is another filter there that does a similar thing? If not, any possibility of adding 'overlay', as it's really useful to create textured effects etc. Thank you in advance
  5. Hi @enpu Just wanted to point out a couple of possible issues with WebGL. Polygons don't seem to show and neither do tiled backgrounds. Everything works fine in canvas. My Triangle Class ... game.createClass('ShapeTriangle', { init: function(x, y, w, h, rot, color) { this.spriteLine = new game.Graphics(); this.spriteLine.lineColor = '#000000'; this.spriteLine.lineWidth = 2; this.spriteLine.fillAlpha = 0; this.spriteLine.drawPolygon([0, h, w, h, 0, 0]); this.spriteLine.anchor.set(w/2, h/2); this.spriteLine.
  6. Hi @enpu Thank you very much, you are an absolute legend! I would really like to send you a donation / tip for adding these new features so quickly. Any chance of setting up a ‘buy me a coffee/beer’ donation link? Thanks again, for the help on this
  7. @enpu I'm pretty happy with the way the current Graphic Objects work, so I'm not sure if it should be included or separate. Hopefully, a couple of other people will chime in on what they would prefer, but at the end of the day, I guess whatever is the simplest for you to implement / maintain. Thank you again for your help on this, really appreciate the hard work your putting into the engine!
  8. Hi @enpu Yup there is a very specific reason why I want to use graphic objects. I need to be able to have a shape class that I can scale to any size, while maintaining it's outline at a set width. Basically, in my prototype I have 4 shapes so far - Square, Circle, Triangle, and Semicircle (or arc in Panda). I display the outline of the various graphic objects on the screen and then on user input I 'fill' them / 'color' them. I can't achieve the same results using png's. The only other way I can think of is using vector graphics, as I did something similar in Flash a lo
  9. Hi @enpu Any idea whether something like this is possible in Panda at the moment? If not, I'll think of a workaround Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi @Wolfsbane Thanks for the tips I've tried playing in the console that @8bitdna sent, and it looks like it possibly works differently then Panda. I think it would requite me to to dig deeper into the engine (which is beyond me lol). I can't get the example working inside Panda at all, but like you, I though that using two arcs (not closed) and joining them, might be possibility. Might have to wait and see if @enpu has any tips / ideas. Thanks guys!
  11. Hi @8bitdna That is actually close to what I need, but my version is a little more complex. If it's not possible, I could make changes to make it work with the example you've sent me
  12. @8bitdna Thanks for the reply! I’m using the drawing api for a very specific purpose, but it’s really hard to explain unless I write an article lol. i have 4 outnof 5 shapes setup square triangle circle semicircle and the last i need is a U shape this might be a bit beyond the capability of the drawing api tho.
  13. Hi Panda People / @enpu I'm trying to create a polygon / arc , in the shape of a U or horseshoe. Any ideas on how this could be achieved? I've tried making an arc and using a mask, but it's not really working as I want, because I need the outlines to display properly as well. Thank you in advance!
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