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  1. Hi guys, I need some general advices regarding building a turn-based multiplayer game using HTML5 that runs of Facebook. It would be my first multiplayer game, so please be kind with me It's a sort of "quiz-game" in which you: 1. select a Facebook friend to challenge and 2. answer 3 different questions Then, when the other player has completed his turn, the game will choose the winner. I believe that the server logic it's very simple because it only has to 1. calculate the players' scores on each answer 2. check who's the winner 3. post the scores to a database to build a leader board. I'd like to know which is the best way, the best library or the best tech-stack to build such a multiplayer environment. I need to connect two players to the same game (asynchronously, they don't need to be connected at the same time), having their scores updated by a server (to avoid cheating). I'm looking for something like PeerJS (http://peerjs.com/examples), don't know if there's something more specific. I need a simple solution that works Thanks for you advices