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  1. feyninja

    Cute Run

    Thanks for you feedback, i will try to fix it.
  2. feyninja

    Cute Run

    Hi everyone, I just finished my first commerical game, Cute Run. Play game: not avaiable Screenshot: Feature: - Endless running - Random generated level - Colorful theme - Best score saving - Banana and Rainbow cake? The game is avaiable for branding, localizing, non-exclusive licensing. Or exclusive licensing if given a fair price. I'm still new and really want to kickstart my business with html5 games. Contact: feyninja@gmail(dot)com or Skype: feyninja Feedbacks are highly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Nice idea, rescue mission and time limit really make the game harder. Good job!
  4. Very fun game, but also pretty hard. Good job!
  5. feyninja

    Fishy Rush

    The game is pretty solid, good job!
  6. Lol, weird and funny idea for a game. It's fun but pretty hard.
  7. Totally addicted. The music, the graphics, the visual effect, you've done a good job with this game.
  8. Wow wow, this exciting me alot. RPG always is my favorite game genre, best wish for your project.
  9. Very nice graphics & visual effects, will try it on my mobile device later.
  10. Thank you Developoid, i really appreciated your help.
  11. So after reading the success stories from many guys here, i want to start creating and selling html5 games. But i don't have much interest in puzzle, casual game, i love RPG genre. I want to create some very simple RPG game, but i'm not sure publisher will want to buy it? Because RPG should require continuing long time gameplay unlike casual game (which you can play and stop, and replay anytime). And it relied on web browser's cache to save the game, that said if someone have the habit of clearing web cache, they can't continue the game. I'm very new to this and really want to hear from you guys, if there's no choice, i guess i will back to puzzle, casual game. Sorry if i mistyped something. Cheers.