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  1. Very nice and clean art style, I like it.
  2. Rannt: thank you and yes, something needs to be done with the tutorial. Morpbz: that's actually a very good idea and doesn't require a lot of changes. forwardresent: Thank you! Patmood: Thank you, optimization was the reason I went for pixel art visuals. You can still do a decent looking game and it will run well on most phones. Having a static background and limiting the number of frames for animations helps as well.
  3. Thank you Jaymad, yes I did everything myself. Except the music and sounds, which I bought.
  4. Nice graphics! But like other people have said the movement of the props relative to the background is weird. I would also suggest an animation for the fox switching path.
  5. Thank you for the feedback Suntemple! I will look into the tutorial and see If I can make it more clear.
  6. Hello, I've finished my second game, hopefully this one is better than the previous one. You are sent on a mission to rescue crew members on an alien planet. You need to fly your way through obstacles and enemies. Hope you like it!
  7. Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely keep it in mind for the full game.
  8. Thank you for trying the game Aladine! You hit the enemies automaticaly when your are facing them, otherwise they hit you first. The reaper needs 3 hits to be killed. You can collect extra hearts and power ups by jumping on it (if you have enough coins). Hope that helps!
  9. Hello, I've been working on this unlimited jumping game, where you fight enemies and collect power ups. Here is a short gameplay video: Or you can try the demo here, it should work in your browser and on mobile devices: