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  1. I run a small multimedia company, Robbins Digital Media, and collaborate with artists to produce educational games for government contracts, among other projects. You can learn more about my company here: www.robbinsdigitalmedia.com I'm looking for a talented HTML 5 game programmer to collaborate with on an upcoming Phase 1 project. Each Phase 1 requires the creation of 1 to 3 games over the course of about 3 months. These games are fairly simple, and are mainly focused on the learning. A typical game is a small puzzle with about 6 levels of difficulty. If the Phase 1 is successful, the project moves into Phase 2 which typically involves the creation of 10 to 20 games over the course of 2 years. I create all multimedia, art, sprites, etc, and work with education instructors to create game documents, but need a a programmer to help do the coding. These projects usually require a backend to record player performance as well. We like using HTML5 and impactjs, so it would be great to find a programmer with similar experience. I currently have a few other programmers I work with, but our work load is growing and I'd like to find another talented artist to help out. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. Would love to see game samples or get some idea of relevant experience from anyone interested. This is a paid, freelance job that could grow into fairly regular work. We usually have a lot of fun making these things as there's a good bit of creative freedom. Thanks!