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  1. Rocco


    i get this errormessage, when i click on scores: Die Anwendungseinstellungen lassen die angegebene URL nicht zu.: Eine oder mehrere URLs sind in den Einstellungen der App nicht zugelassen. Sie m├╝ssen mit der Website-URL oder der Canvas-URL ├╝bereinstimmen, oder die Domain muss Subdomain einer der App-Domains sein.
  2. Rocco


    yes, thank you for your suggestion, i will look through it. ( i didn't saw it before my last posting!) i had a strange experience as i described above lately with the google api, within this game ->
  3. Rocco


    But this is for me also the most annoying part, i tried games with the used apis you mentioned and when it comes to submit scores, there comes a list of disclaimers and wtf all stuff to accept and the registration prozess to whatsever platform, i mean this is ridiculous and this is the point where i usually cancel my score submission.. Maybe its ok when you are registerd on such platform, but this games should run on every machine in every browser and just be simple and no pain for any player, no matter if he is registered on FB, Google, whatsever or not. I just want a scoreboard like on a aracademachine, where you can write your nickname and press enter and the score is saved, thats all. Maybe there is API out there, which makes it as simple as that,....
  4. Rocco


    i would also love to see a easy solution for this task which everybody needs. without using platform tools from google, facebook, nutella, and so on.... a tutorial would be great for this, (instead of the 100x flappy bird clone tut)
  5. 27$ for an angry bird clone tutorial. WTF... cruel world
  6. yes, thank you very much it works perfect now. the second issue with this.add.tween(s.angle) was the main problem.
  7. var tween = this.add.tween(s.angle).to({angle:s.angle +=90}, 850, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true, 100);this is my code, and something must be wrong with it. it does the rotation, but immediatly like the code is only s.angle +=90;without the tweening effect, don't know why. thanks for help!
  8. That's true, thank you, I thought I would have tried this way.
  9. don't know if i need it right now, but will come in handy for sure sometimes! Very well done, thank you!!
  10. sorry for hijacking the thread, but it also has to do with sprite.width. i'm missing a way to get the image dimenstion values, like: var image_width = sprite.width(); Is it possible somehow?
  11. that's great for you, but unfortunatly not for us. So maybe you can provide a little example how you make a dynamic preload inside game.js?
  12. The advantage of brackets is that you have an build in chrome browser, which is very useful to test your games directly without the need of setting up a virtual server. Has Sublime this functionality also?
  13. yeap it works with your approach. thank you very much!