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  1. That's really helpful information, tumira, thank you!
  2. Yes Game is cool. And it's well ported to html5 basis. Good stuff from STuFF. Though, some improvements like level select would make it better
  3. Strange bug discovered: at the beginning of 11th level i can't move down, i should first turn left, only after that i'm able to make down-steps.
  4. When will appear new levels? I've completed ten and waiting next
  5. Now i've completed 4th level and stuck on 6th. Are you sure that there is no any mistake and level is impossible to complete?
  6. Maybe it's better to make changing new backgrounds a bit earlier, i've completed 11 levels but environment being the same
  7. Good game, i completed it with 13 death
  8. @xarn, ad revenue is negligible on mobile nowadays, the only possibility to earn something is to sell licences, but if more free game portals will grow, there will no possibilities to earn anything at all. @austin, thanks for reply!
  9. Ok, it's your partners, but what will you do if illegals will iframe your site?
  10. Maybe settings page, i think people look there more often then distributing->game portals
  11. They placed this option so far, so it's hard to find, thanks
  12. Rustem

    Jelly balls

    Hi, Well done! I tested it on Lenovo A369I smarphone, loaded good enough for such content. Runs good, but it would be better to make buttons larger, it's small for my 800*480 screen.
  13. The same trouble with pog.com. Is clay.io going to prevent iframing of their site? I'm not sure to write them, because their don't response on my previous letters.
  14. Hello. Today i visited Clay.io's stats about my game and noticed that gamers play my game from several multilanguage sites of y8.com (e.g. tl.y8.com, it.y8.com, fr.y8.com). They iframed my game from clay.io, and, furthermore, there is large collection of other games (check it for your game http://y8.com). I suppose all (or majority) of them appeared there without permission of authors. Are they legal at all? I'm not against that my game was viewed more frequently, but some people sell licenses for they games and some people buy licenses to show games on their site, but y8.com are wrong. What's
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