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  1. Sorry, but the numbers on True Vahalla's site are not really helpful. The first thing is it says he makes a lot of money. That's great! I too would like to make a lot of money! If it's from licensing that's also exactly the market I'm in! The problem is the numbers are really high. Not only that, but every tactic on the site seems like it's designed to sell me something to also get me those numbers. That could all be well and good, maybe it's just a way to diversify income (even though it's barely any income judging from the numbers on the site) but the problem is I don't
  2. Hi everyone! A while ago I made some HTML5 games and licensed them for money. Recently I made some flash games but that market seems to be dying. Is the HTML5 market doing any better? Is it worth it to make a HTML5 game? Let's say I take a week to two weeks to make the game. Would I be able to get at least 1k from exclusive or non-exclusive deals? What quality target am I looking at? Anything shining light onto the topic is greatly appreciated!
  3. Is there any way to get absolutely no anti-ailing? I tried setting no anti-aliasing to false in the phaser constructor and have tried setting stage.smooth to false, but it still is anti-ailised.
  4. Nice timing, was just about to start a new game.
  5. I just read this http://www.photonstorm.com/html5/a-first-look-at-what-ios8-means-for-phaser-and-pixi-js-hint-bunnies-lots-of-them While it's nice, what really interest me is the comment at the end. Rich said "WebGL support is everywhere that matters." Does that mean chrome for android has webgl support as well?
  6. Sure thing lol. I just couldn't resist. Any mention of gattai just gets you fired up and you lose yourself, you know?
  7. 勝利するのは勇気ある者だ! すげぇゲーム。実は、俺はスパロボとが大好きだ。だから、このゲームはいいもんと思うぞ! 頑張ってぞ!
  8. I agree with this and would just say don't worry about making an engine at all. If you make games from scratch, you will realize you need to do certain things like load images, display them, handle input etc. Just make games handling these functions, then abstract it. Don't worry about writing it abstracted in the first place. Then, once you have all that code if you think it's worth your time abstract it all to have MyEngine1.0 Having worked on multiplatform game engines though (C++, C#, Silverlight, Android (In java!), and Objective-C target over multiple frameworks, with DirectX AND Ope
  9. This is the greatest single screen casual game I've ever played.
  10. Ah, doing test the biggest bottleneck does seem to be drawing a lot of sprites. I guess instead of "throw tons of bullets" at the player I can just more effectively use bullets drawn on the screen to make interesting patterns and what have you. Fix it with design instead of technology! Thanks for your time everyone who replied!
  11. Wait, the collision detection doesn't use a quadtree by default? For my first game I was seeing a performance hit with 100 bullets trying to collide against the player, but then again perhaps that was just updating them. I'm curious about porting or making a version of my SHMUP for HTML5 that looks like this ] Tons of objects on screen, but with my first game I wasn't really able to get anywhere near this without a massive performance hit.
  12. Ah, that's what I was looking for. asm.js support on mobile browsers, if it's not there I guess I can't use it. And I meant 100^2 collision checks per frame, 100 sprites against 100 sprites. Not actually drawing that many sprites, just one sprite is checked against every other sprite.
  13. Hey everyone. I want to make a HD tower defense game for mobile browsers, so I want to have a discussion about performance and the best solutions. I am planning on using Phaser (2.0) to accomplish this task, but how many sprites can be drawn and collided against each other before the frame rate takes a steep hit on the mobile browser? Is it feasible to get 100^2 sprites at a good performance? What do you all think the theoretical upper limit is. I remember making my first game, when I had around 50 sprites on the screen updating and checking collisions, the game dropped to around 40 FPS on
  14. I've been using sprite sheets for animation, but if I wanted to use high res graphics and not draw everything by hand what are some Flash like animation tools that phaser can load? Can Phaser load something Flash can export to, or some bone rigging 2d animation tools exported data? Also, I would want to avoid exporting sprite sheets from these tools, because that could end up with a lot of textures (too much for a simple phone game trying to stay under 3 mb)
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