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  1. mazoku

    i'm confuse

    Phaser is good place to start.
  2. I need feedback on colyseus or lance from anyone who used any of them. Performance, issues, problems?
  3. Question in topic. I think this is pretty useful, its overhead to make a container to have image + text functionality (Button) for example. Or am I missing something?
  4. When did you sent your mail? There were holidays recently and big companies tend to answer slowly. Im sorry, just now I read the other topic. My answer is not relevant then.
  5. Thank you, thats nice info.
  6. I have two questions about implementing game servers for simple html5 games. First question Node(eventually colyseus) vs C++ server? What are your reasons for one or the other? Second - any free hosting (vm or whatever) for testing purposes?
  7. Here is one way to do it (obstacles layer)
  8. Audit here is free
  9. Hello, I have this question. How do you make money from your games now? In game ads, sponsorship, else? I think sponsorship market is way too down to nonexistent, so I am more interested to the else part.
  10. Wow this is fun variation of agar
  11. Wow actually pretty fun game. My coordination is not that good though.