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  1. Wow actually pretty fun game. My coordination is not that good though.
  2. Simple classic Blocks Puzzle game where you make rows and columns of blocks. Play Blocks Puzzle Get Blocks Puzzle for Android
  3. I found this thing and I am interested if any of you have used it and do you have feedback on its performance?
  4. Any tests online? Comparative between frameworks?
  5. How is Phaser 3 performance, I am especially interested how it behaves on mobile?
  6. Breaking backward compatibility as always just shows low esteem for people using the engine.
  7. The problem is from 3.12, now its 3.15? So no fix going? Or will it be removed as a feature? Its sad to see no consistency between versions.
  8. I updated a game to the latest Phaser 3 and now the zoom from the config object is no longer working. And I cant find anything on it in documentation. How is the Phaser 3 way to scale a game now? The example don't scale.\game config\scale\scaled canvas.js&v=3.15.1
  9. Hi Sir. Can you teach me how to code like your game Eazy Math. I know this is too much but i really need to learn on how to make games like Math for my thesis project. I hope i can get your feedback soon.


  10. I want to improve the privacy policy of my games and sites. Do you have good resources on writing privacy policy for the eu?