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  1. There are many. You can check: and search for similar names. Also Unity and Unreal groups are not bad too.
  2. There are some pretty interesting general game development groups on facebook.
  3. mazoku

    i'm confuse

    Phaser is good place to start.
  4. I need feedback on colyseus or lance from anyone who used any of them. Performance, issues, problems?
  5. Question in topic. I think this is pretty useful, its overhead to make a container to have image + text functionality (Button) for example. Or am I missing something?
  6. When did you sent your mail? There were holidays recently and big companies tend to answer slowly. Im sorry, just now I read the other topic. My answer is not relevant then.
  7. Thank you, thats nice info.
  8. I have two questions about implementing game servers for simple html5 games. First question Node(eventually colyseus) vs C++ server? What are your reasons for one or the other? Second - any free hosting (vm or whatever) for testing purposes?
  9. Here is one way to do it (obstacles layer)
  10. Audit here is free
  11. Hello, I have this question. How do you make money from your games now? In game ads, sponsorship, else? I think sponsorship market is way too down to nonexistent, so I am more interested to the else part.
  12. Wow this is fun variation of agar
  13. Wow actually pretty fun game. My coordination is not that good though.
  14. Simple classic Blocks Puzzle game where you make rows and columns of blocks. Play Blocks Puzzle Get Blocks Puzzle for Android
  15. I found this thing and I am interested if any of you have used it and do you have feedback on its performance?
  16. Any tests online? Comparative between frameworks?
  17. How is Phaser 3 performance, I am especially interested how it behaves on mobile?
  18. Breaking backward compatibility as always just shows low esteem for people using the engine.
  19. The problem is from 3.12, now its 3.15? So no fix going? Or will it be removed as a feature? Its sad to see no consistency between versions.
  20. I updated a game to the latest Phaser 3 and now the zoom from the config object is no longer working. And I cant find anything on it in documentation. How is the Phaser 3 way to scale a game now? The example don't scale.\game config\scale\scaled canvas.js&v=3.15.1