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  1. I appreciate that sir, i understand how people can be nervous with this type of post, but i have enough evidence that me and my company are legit, Firstly our game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hg.hiddengarden Secondly my previous rated work for Hidden Garden: http://fiverr.com/hiddengarden/create-a-unique-game-on-a-multitude-of-platforms Regards Jordan
  2. Get your own game developed at a high professional standard for a fraction of the usual cost, advertise your business in a unique way or show off by having your own game. Be apart of the games industry today! Here at HiddenGardenGC we are having a 20% off to anyone that enters the key word Saver94 for the next seven days. Dont hesitate to ask anyone questions and thank you for your time. URL: http://www.hiddengardengc.com Regards Jordan
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