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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Here are the answer to some of your questions below :-) Canvas only. It's currently 15kb unminified, which is super tiny. That's a good point. So what "tagline" would you use to describe this framework? Lightweight? Micro? Super simple? Something else? I don't want people to expect it to be as powerful/flexible than Phaser for example. As I said in the article, there are no assets in MilkyJS. Sprites are only colored rectangles, and for sounds you just do M.sound(frequency, duration). This has some limitations, but make creating a game much faster and simpler. Getting a positive feedback from you means a lot, thanks Rich! I'm saying "prototype" to lower expectation because it's super basic, but based on the feedback I'm getting here I should probably use another word.
  2. Hello! I'm currently working on my own HTML5/Javascript game framework. My goal is to make it ridiculously simple to build a game prototype. This means a simple API, and a short code to make a game. It's early in development but it already works: you can build 2D games running at 60fps in any browser. I'm calling this new framework MilkyJS, and I wrote a short tutorial to present it to you here: lessmilk.com/milkyJS If people are interested in it, I'll try to fix the last few bugs and put it on GitHub. So I'm really interested in your feedback, especially: 1. Would you use a framework like this? 2. Do you see ways to improve the API? Thanks :-)
  3. I made a tiny game with 2.4.7 RC1, and everything seems to work fine. Love the new camera effects! You ca try it here: www.lessmilk.com/game/one-hour/
  4. Hello, I recently wrote a tutorial using Phaser here: lessmilk.com/game-design-1/ that contains 4 small Phaser canvas games. And I just realised that on iOS, while scrolling downward to read the tutorial, sometimes the page scrolls back to the top. And it also happen when tapping on the form field at the very bottom. This is very annoying... Do you have any idea what is causing this, and how to prevent it? FYI my page is only plain HTML with Phaser 2.4.6 canvas, and no errors are displayed. Thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone, I just updated the list with all your new links! :-) => lessmilk.com/phaser-tutorial/ Do you think I should remove Phaser 1.x tutorials from the list?
  6. For this week, the 5 best gamedev links are: - How to plan a game and get it finished - Shovel Knight: planning and sales - If games were like game stories - Make a Flappy Bird clone in HTML5 with Phaser - Free to use assets for physics based games Check them out on gamedevlinks.com
  7. I just updated the list! The new tutorials are: - JavaScript Game Programming Using Phaser - And I also updated my Flappy Bird tutorials to Phaser 2.0 Let me know if I forgot to include new tutorials :-)
  8. I'm a subscriber of Gamedev.js Weekly :-) GameDevLinks is different because it's not focused on HTML5. So there might be unity3D tutorials, pixel art assets, game design explanations, etc.
  9. Hello, I recently realised that it's difficult to keep track of all game development resources (reddit, gamasutra, twitter, etc.) That's why I created a small website that show the 5 best game dev links of the week. This includes: technical tutorials, game design tips, marketing articles, and so on. Link: GameDevLinks.com Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions :-)
  10. There is already a topic about the book here where you can read some early reviews. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  11. I just updated the site with all your suggestions: Using TilemapsHTML 5 Shoot 'em Up in an AfternoonHow to make a Flappy Bird in HTML5 - Part 3You can browse all the tutorials here: lessmilk.com/phaser-tutorial/ I should probably spend some time to sort the tutorials, and put more emphasis on the ones who use Phaser 2.0.x Phaser documentation: docs.phaser.io Phaser examples: examples.phaser.io There are no official Phaser book for now, but for your information I wrote on on discoverphaser.com
  12. Hi everyone, Sorry for the lack of news, things have been really busy after the book launch. To answer some of your questions: I fixed this a week ago. All the packages have all the content included. Sorry about that. Thanks a lot for the feedback, really interesting! Do you have any specific ideas of things I could add to the "code" package to make it more interesting to you? Thanks! I actually updated the book a few days ago with some information on how to make the the world size bigger than what is displayed on the screen. Yes, the book is called "Discover Phaser", not "Master Phaser". So it's a step by step guide to get started with it, sorry about the confusion. Let me know if you have any other questions about the discoverphaser.com book :-)
  13. I understand your concern because I'm a big fan of physical books too. But in this case I think it really make sense to do an ebook:- The book is ready a lot faster (no need for printing and shipping)- It's easier to make updates to the book as Phaser evolves- It's easy to copy/past some code to directly test it In about a month probably, we will keep everybody updated when we have a definitive release date :-)
  14. I just updated the list, sorry for the delay.