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  1. Bla bla bla.  Real numbers is something about $1-$2 per game.
  2. Typical clonemakers, nothing unusual. original: http://hypnocatstudio.com/monsterjong marketJS: http://cdn-factory.marketjs.com/en/monster-mahjong/index.html
  3. Can somebody share experience with holaverse?
  4. Nothing unusuall. Something like: scrollingLayer.x = mouseX + startX;
  5. I used box2d, but not as phaser plugin.
  6. Hi everyone, This is our first experience with Phaser. Endless arcade avoider game. Physics made with box2d. Description: Avoid the blades for as long as you can! Collect coins to unlock new characters. Touch and drag to control your character. Be careful! game link: http://hypnocatstudio.com/games/avoid This is promo game and I will try to distribute it. So, if you are portal/network owner or content manager you can host this game for free. You can find game zip here:http://hypnocatstudio.com/avoid_html5.htmlGame shows promo banner every 4 gameplays and it has little less content tha
  7. Do not speak on behalf of others please.
  8. I can not speak for everyone, but my game Road Safety was released on Hoowu before any other platform. All in accordance with the rules .
  9. Are you already licensed any games? I want to see overall quality.
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