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  1. @BenCTFC @hEaLeR_CTFC @MattL96 bow, jump backwards into opposition player, wave with arms preferably while making hurt noises #legittactics

  2. Might have to look into it for some work stuff anyway, cheers for reminding me
  3. Has this improved with new Phaser updates, does anyone know?
  4. I did think sprites looked familiar:
  5. hah, pretty addictive. Good work.
  6. Tiny graphical glitch - if you mute audio and restart the level, auto is muted but speaker icon is not crossed out. Otherwise, pretty creative, I like it.
  7. So, I did a quick test with using delta in update to add my own quick velocity calculations. Delta was all over the place, but seemed to do a sine - up and down all the time. In the end I dug out my Eclipse and updated Android SDK and libGDX, and got smooth result with just using pos += delta * velocity quite easily (I say easily, it took me 2-3 hours to figure out all the new configuration Eclipse needed to get things compiled). So, unfortunately I'll be doing things native just to avoid headache with optimising performance - hopefully when we get to do a small limited public web demo teaser, someone else has tackled this issue head on
  8. I wonder if the key here is particles usually don't move in straight line and rotate as well, or maybe I just tried to look too hard on the diamonds and now I notice slight "choppiness" on Diamond Burst example too . . . it's going to be a loooooong night
  9. Interesting, will have a dig around then. Should I do it on 1.1.3 or 1.1.4? Never tried it on anything else, but I guess Cocoon must use Chrome engine then, because they have very similar behaviour. Annoying, because other things like particles animate beautifully! Will have a dig around tonight.
  10. Yeah, I didn't have the source code at hand and I didn't remember while writing OP if it was .body or just sprite. One way or another, it works, but is choppy.
  11. Then there is this too. But good idea, good documentation makes good framework into exceptional framework.
  12. Here's something I came across while trying to prototype something late last night. Phaser version should be 1.1.3 When I use sprite.velocity.x = -100 the animation seems visibly "choppy", even on my PC and there's nothing else going on like physics calculations or collision checks, tab uses 22% processing power according to Chrome tab. App was running between 45-60FPS. It came as a bit of a surprise, because week before I used particle effect with more particles and compiled with CocoonJS to run on Nexus 7 and it was very smooth. Haven't had time to check few theories, but could it be because sprite location get's rounded up or down to a hard pixel position, and that creates illusion of frame rate issues? I had a look this morning on official example, and moving image one to me seemed to have same issue where the movement does not seem completely smooth. Anyone else noticed this?
  13. It might need a bit of messing about, but here's how I would go about it (which probably is how Pixelguy was hinting you should do it ?). Every time you create or reuse a shell, because it's been fired, you save floor level Y coordinate using player position with it, it might be a bit higher or lower than that, depending on how your player is positioned. In update method, for every visible and active gun shell, if they drop below (or above, I think top left corner is 0:0, right?) said Y level, you multiply Y velocity with -1, and I think physics calculations should take care of the rest?
  14. Nice. Here's something I thought of doing because of some Cocoon JS projects that I might be working on in the future, but it might be good match for your helper wrapper. Cocoon requires users to upload single ZIP file with all the game assets, and at the moment the limit is 30Mb. As it stands, adding code into archive manually is pain enough, but it would be extremely helpful if some kind of a tool could go through all the assets, minimize CSS and JS (assuming that will make some savings on ZIP file?), optimize or notify dev about huge image assets that could do with, then whack all these new optimised stuff into single ZIP file with the best algorithm available. That could be useful for normal delivery as well, without ZIP option.
  15. Pert

    Spine support

    Ah, shame. Have been looking into skeletal animations most of the night, In between doing normal sprite-sheet or basic skeletal animation, might have to figure out my own simple implementation meanwhile.