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    Pert got a reaction from spinnerbox in Secure global high scores table   
    Has anyone thought of a way to do secure global High Scores table that anyone could submit their score to?

    My obvious worries would be
    a ) people can read through JavaScript or check Chrome Dev Tools network tab to grab URL and send random scores in
    b ) if a) is solved, people changing score variable from Chrome DT console (score = 1000000000) before they die, and then submitting seemingly valid scores

    Any thoughts?
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    Pert reacted to rich in Phaser 2.0.0 Released!   
    After a LOT of hard work I finally pushed Phaser 2.0.0 out today! It literally only just snuck into the March 13th release date But I'm super happy with this build. The headlines:
    1) Pixi 1.5 under the hood = much faster in nearly all cases
    2) Multi-physics engine support: Arcade, p2.js full Body and Ninja.
    3) Better Group handling - more sensible parenting, less code, better child support, faster.
    4) Better Text handling - Bitmap Fonts with spaces in the name! Text shadows, text events, web fonts, etc.
    5) More consistent input events across more game objects than before.
    6) Literally hundreds of bug fixes. I cleared out github entirely
    7) Much better tilemap collision than ever before - tile delta options, tile padding on bodies, faster getTiles, faster rendering
    8) Tilemaps supported across Arcade, p2 and Ninja!
    9) Lots of bizarre physics bugs nuked.
    10) Retro Fonts
    11) Tilemap ray casting
    12) Load Lime/Corona polygon files direct into p2 bodies.
    and loads I forget because I've not slept for 26 hours
    In short ...

    It's all on the repo:
    Site to be updated when I'm back in the land of the living.
    Thanks to everyone who helped test and reported bugs
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    Pert reacted to Chris in Introducing Project Warp   
    Pert, have you ever heard about grunt? It does exactly what you described. Any anything else you can imagine
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    Pert got a reaction from Dread Knight in Introducing Project Warp   

    Here's something I thought of doing because of some Cocoon JS projects that I might be working on in the future, but it might be good match for your helper wrapper.
    Cocoon requires users to upload single ZIP file with all the game assets, and at the moment the limit is 30Mb.

    As it stands, adding code into archive manually is pain enough, but it would be extremely helpful if some kind of a tool could go through all the assets, minimize CSS and JS (assuming that will make some savings on ZIP file?), optimize or notify dev about huge image assets that could do with, then whack all these new optimised stuff into single ZIP file with the best algorithm available.

    That could be useful for normal delivery as well, without ZIP option.
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    Pert got a reaction from @99golems in Flappitalism, my flappy jam game   
    hah, pretty addictive. Good work.
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    Pert got a reaction from jerome in Phaser General Documentation : Wiki ?   
    Then there is this too.
    But good idea, good documentation makes good framework into exceptional framework.
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    Pert reacted to Heppell08 in Why baddie won't stop?   
    I had the same issue myself. My enemies were walking to the left constantly. I'm still working on my AI code for more advance movement but I found using if(game.physics.distancebetween(player, baddies < 100)) { // baddies does stuff } works great for a lot of stuff. Thought it may be worth a shot for changing directions etc. Can even set the distance between each baddie. If baddie walks with range of another baddies make the baddie do something new, change direction etc etc. Hope this is helpful to you
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    Pert reacted to sergil in Ludei Cocoonjs XML / bitmap font workaround?   
    Have you started working in Cocoon full integration for Phaser?
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    Pert reacted to Gio in Secure global high scores table   
    Like austin says, the only real way to make it secure is to keep track of it on the game server - don't submit the score, have the server calculate the score based on data that the client exchanges with the server during the game. If both client and server use the same JS code (i.e. your server uses Node.js) this may be easier than it sounds.
    Having said that, there are a couple of client-side tricks that may help. With enough dedication anything can be manipulated, but this should at least make it more difficult and stop people who aren't motivated enough / don't have enough time to invest into hacking your game scores:
    1) Don't make your score publicly accessible: don't create a variable that you can easily get to, such as a global variable or something like game.score (where game is global). Make it private and accessible from closure scope only.
    2) Don't submit the score without encrypting it: don't do things like $.post('myScore', 1234), but encrypt your url and your data before sending.
    3) Obfuscate the part of your code that deals with the score and submits it.
    4) Ban people's IP addresses and accounts when they attempt to cheat, before they manage to do it: if you've followed steps 1, 2 and 3, chances are that hackers won't be successful on their first attempt. Detect that and stop them before they succeed.