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  1. I will be using this implementation in my upcoming project, so it will be fixed in not too distant future.
  2. Hey, you can make sure that your frames names are unique at spritesheets export stage. In smaller to medium projects that's fine approach. Otherwise create your own parser, and populate PIXI.utils.TextureCache the way you want. Just do not forget that nesting frames in "namespaces" will require overriding all fromFrame functions. Marcin
  3. So I decided to follow alex code, and pack it into pixi plugin. It is at early stage, but you can already run db-animation. If there is anybody willing to help, the repo is:
  4. Has anyone tried to refactor this Bridge to work with Pixi v3?
  5. I think this behaviour is caused by wrong polygons calculation. Are you sure you are using PIXI Graphics API correctly? If that's the case, you need to contant PIXI gurus to investigate.
  6. Use fixed (data-empty) image based background, then add BitmapText for scores & team names. If you prepare it properly, you will end up with 3 Draw Call's ( first for background, second for team names, third for score, keeping in mind that you want use different fonts ). Also if you can manage some free space in your sprite-sheets, you will be able to end up with 1 DC.
  7. You have 5 Draw Calls in the main menu screen, which should be reduced to 1. Also you can reduce draw calls amout in game screen, try to avoid texture switching ( read more about 'sprite batching' ).
  8. I encourage you to install Chrome/Firefox extension called 'WebGL Inspector' and check 'Textures' tab to see if you don't have any extra/unnecessary outcome ( for example from bad usage of cacheAsBitmap which generates and do not destroy textures at runtime automatically ).
  9. You should know something about code architecture, design patterns and of course entity-component structure ( why favor composition over inheritance ) before jumping into Unity. Unity project gets messy pretty quickly when not managed well, and without this knowledge you won't be able to do anything bigger than simple side-scroller.
  10. On IPad while using Cocoon there is Load XHR Error, 'resource unavaiable' in some random cases.
  11. Take it! Use it! Love It!
  12. I also came into this, it terribly drops FPS count ( especially if your text is nested in some additional DoC ). If you have multiple static text in some container, you can cacheAsBitmap bitmapText and container itself, it did the trick for me in simple example. Unfortunately, cacheAsBitmap is not working perfectly too, sometimes it trims part of your content ( I think because of bad bounds calculating, when the container is scaled ).
  13. Yea, but in my opionion letter spacing, in opposite to kerning, shouldn't be bound to glyph map, but rather to individual text field.
  14. Is it possible to achive letterspacing with BitmapText? Regards, Marcin