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  1. Hi @Martin99 I could possible help, however, did you double-check the console for any errors and did you call the function to get the game started? I believe the function is "GameMaker_Init"
  2. @photonstormRich, could you maybe help us out here? I use to have a profile picture on here, and I don't anymore, but I can't upload either.
  3. Well done on yet another amazing game! I've actually PM'd him over Twitter about this, with no response of course, but I would also like to know some technical details if he wouldn't mind providing some.
  4. If they are embedding your games and you don't feel comfortable with it (since they didn't license it), I suggest having a look where they are hosting your game from, and implementing a secure site-lock that will block the game from running. I found a few of my games on their site too.
  5. Usually publishers that do this use your source code and skin the game for publishing/licensing themselves, some publishers don't mind GameMaker or Construct or other game engines.
  6. I've sent you a PM there is some information missing and I cannot help you directly.
  7. Hey, thanks for the useful input. It helps to also hear form artists. How much do you usually charge per hour?
  8. This is probably the way to go, I'm not that familiar with Phaser, but I am currently using GameMaker and doing something quite similar when customizing a character. We have base sprites, and separate sprites for each customization item, and based on what the user picks, there are multiple variables storing one for each state and these are just drawn on top of the base sprite as mentioned above.
  9. The performance is much better, with the right optimization as well. Native is always going to be faster than wrapping.
  10. Really nice graphics! Did you make it yourself? I like the game! It's quite challenging at first but once you get to the turning, it's quite easy!
  11. I was hoping this would be in GMS2, considering the date, I figured it would be GMS 1. But there shouldn't be an issue converting it. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Wow, okay that's quite interesting, I didn't know that type of license still exists in this market. I knew what you meant I'm going to look into those! Thanks!
  13. Do your games have ads? Is this purely because of downloads not being so frequent?
  14. Thank you! I will consider this. I am also considering Photon or Lance. I will do even more extensive research on this to see if it is a viable solution. I think having different servers in different regions is probably the hassle free and most efficient way to go.
  15. I'm using NodeJS and, but there is still latency issues, hence my question. I've seen some services that offer real-time, multi region support if you use their API, would this be a viable option? Or should I just stick with NodeJS and I'm worried about, for instance, americans playing against africans, the latency is usually 400ms+ on AAA game servers, but they are not suppose to cater for multi regions,this is just from my experience. How does, as an example, Clash Royale pull off real time when I'm paying against someone in America?
  16. I didn't understand that actually, I just went along with the mechanics in the tutorial, I didn't know there was a move restriction
  17. Interesting approach, what type of subscriptions though? And how will you include the so called "In App Purchases"? Using Google Pay or Apple Pay?
  18. Sorry to revive an old thread. Using NodeJS, how do you cater for multiple regions in a real time game to prevent too much latency? Does AWS support this by default? I see limited options when it comes to multi region support.
  19. Is this the version that someone else made? Seems like an original and interesting idea! An io game with Flappy Birds This looks like potential that could have been licensed though?
  20. Wow! Nice game! It's fairly simple, but definitely well polished, and I like the creative menu!
  21. Was this purely artwork? Dev work? And can you elaborate on "failed"? Does this mean you failed to sell licenses or it didn't generate any income? Thank you for your input. The reason I asked this was because I was working with a budget with a budgeted artist, it landed up not going so well as the art was a mix of different styles that didn't suit each other. I have started to do my own art, but it really isn't that great and I would rather invest the time developing than spending the time ramping up my artwork. This all has to do with time though. I need the time developing and generating games instead of spending say, 6 months learning to do art and then having to play catch up. Have you worked with any artists before? If so, did any of them do such a great job that you would recommend them? Thanks a lot for the input