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  1. Thanks No problem, its not like the concept is anything original at all =P I would like to see your game when its available
  2. Thank you, art is what I like most I am building all my games with Fusion
  3. Hi! I have a small library of games that are available for licencing here:
  4. I have been making Html5 games so far with the resolution 480x320. I am thinking about going up to 640x427 though since I also make the same game for Flash and 480x320 is a bit small when not scaled up in a mobile device. I am wondering though how much this would effect performance? Anyone have an idea about this?
  5. I have heard different things about this and are still a bit confused. From what I understand so far you mostly sell licences to sites for your Html5 and that is where you get your money. But I have also heard others talk about their Html5 games getting good ad revenue. But how do they do this? Are you just slapping on some ads and uploading to a site like Newgrounds, (but for HTML5 games) and it spreads from there?
  6. Ok! So when you send out the game to sponsor with email you only provide 1 version (mobile)?
  7. When publishers are looking at html5 games are they usually using their mobile device or on a desktop? I am wondering since from what I understand 99% of the market interest is for mobile html5 games, but still I assume most sit at their computer? I have notices many portfolios are providing both a desktop and a mobile version to view, do you also do this? What do you do when you send an email to a publisher, do you send the mobile friendly version, the desktop friendly or both? The reason I ask is that the way performance is so very limited on moble devices it could be good to show the approriate version to the publisher, maybe you have the game running in 60fps fine if viewing on a desktop, but on mobile that needs to be cut down to 30 to be stable and playable. It would then be best to show the "better" 60fps version if they are sitting by a desktop and show the mobile version if on a mobile device? Or do you guys just make 1 version that is targeted to run at he lowest mobile device, and just show that one when sending out emails?
  8. Which one do sponsor prefer between these? An app that is displayed in "fullscreen" on mobile or in a window? Or does it not really matter as long as it plays well?
  9. Just curious, what fps do you usually go for? 60? 30? 20?
  10. Hmm. Almost every html5 game I have looked at seem to be very "small" and lower quality in comparision to Flash games? (With some exceptions like Ubi Land for example)
  11. I know you can do it if you really want to with decompilers. Still I think sitelocking helps. I would never dream of putting up a totally clean sitelock free version of my flash game on a site and sending out emails for sponsor to look at it while it is also in bidding on FGL. I *think* most flash developers on FGL would agree with this?
  12. Sorry maybe I should have been more clear. I dont ask about how to actually create the html5 application. More of a guide on the steps after the application is done and what to do. In flash you (me) usually put a sitelocked version on FGL and wait for a sponsor to bid on the game. After that I put in the branding and an ad service in, preferably cpm star. Then the game is spread and I sell sitelocks.
  13. Sitelocking works on Flash I think. If you wanted to place a flash game up on FGL to seek a sponsorship, and at the same time sent out emails that linked to a completely sitelock free no sponsor branding on your site I am pretty sure that version would spread rather quick to some sites. But you can just link publishers to your open html5 game and there is no problem with spreading? Or is it really not a problem since there are not normal sponsorship on html5? (there are still the exclusive deals though I have heard, so that to me seems like problem?)
  14. I was wondering if there is any article or book out there that explains what the main differences are, and strategies for developing for Html5 if you have come from the Flash market? There are some differences, but it is kind of hard to piece together everything if you are totally new to this platform.
  15. Thanks for answers. How about ads? Is the html5 market the same in as you put ads on the html5 version you spread in the wild. Or is there no such thing as spreading a viral version with ads? Its only though sitelocking clean versions you make your revenue?