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  1. Great idea and work! But honestly, the delay when hitting the ball (Badoom + emoticon) killed the fun for me after the first try as it simply felt like the game was lagging every time and i couldn't control it properly. (Reaction time + "lag" = )
  2. I like the flow. Changing background colors upon level-up is a nice improvement, adding up to the nice graphic style.
  3. Same here. At first i didn't manage to catch anything. (Took me some time to get that i have to collect the golden boxes.) Tried to fly down and crash against what i thought to be some kind of ocean, only to find out that it's more like a waterfall. Now it looks like the plane doesn't move and just hovers infront of it whereas boxes are falling down from
  4. As HTML5 still is a quite young technologie and especially in regards to games far from being sophisticated, this is true. But (while looking back at the last ~3-4 years of its development) i think it won't be that long until this changes and HTML5 will be able to compete with native apps. Growing browser support of WebGl (http://caniuse.com/#search=webgl) and the development of WebGL 2.0 are quite promising and there are already some publisher that are starting to look for these games. E.g: https://games.famobi.com/?technology=webgl (+Working on mobile as well.)
  5. I'd really like some feedback on this as well.
  6. Just wanted to give a "short" summary of entry 8.2 of the "ID.net Contest Terms and Conditions", in case someone doesn't see the slightly inconspicuous link at the the end of this colorfull website. It says: Every game submitted to this contest(not only the 5 winning entrys) includes a free license with which they can do whatever they want. (Even sell it to other people.) Even if there is a "chance" to win the price of a non-exclusive license (or exclusive with a bit of luck): No thank you.