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  1. I would never fork a project. It just not fair to the developer (Rich). I thought the same thing myself, but it is not that hard, especially if you coming from a graphic engine like PIXI. The purpose of this discussion was how people felt about the ease and logic of this framework. Clearly this is not the place to discuss it. Thanks for responding though.
  2. Rich, Other than the fact that this forum has ten million basic requests for help on things that should be obvious. One of the things I notice about these frameworks is how long and almost senseless it is in learning something that takes so long to learn, it was probably better to just have built it yourself. But yes, this is your library, available for free which some people love. I would never interfere with that, even if that is the concept of open-source. :-)
  3. I would first learn JavaScript, especially functional programming because that seems like the future right now. JavaScript seems easy at first, but when you get into it, it is much more. I would forget game development on the Web, except for the smallest games. It is just two much of a hassle when it comes to compatibility, especially with sound (and sound is like important in a game). Stick to learning the canvas inside and out (there are many books on the subject). If you need specific book recommendations, please PM me. Good luck.
  4. For example lets look at tilemap. It is a mess. It should be: map = new TileMap(); tile = map.layer('treeLayer').getTile(1,4); tile.remove or delete, or swap, or something else. also ... this.game.antialias = false SHOULD TURN OFFFF all antialias features for everything if called at this level. what do you guys think about the domain model?
  5. Doesn't seem to work. I created a new game at 315 x 315 pixels and set scale to Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL. Game is much bigger but is blurring. What is going on?
  6. I was wondering if there was any snazzy event that gets called when a sprite bashes it head against the left or right of the game screen?
  7. I was using an old version of Phaser.
  8. I have been using version 2.0.1 all along. I don't know how I had this version (probably the example I copied was using 2.0.1), but almost everything seems to be working. Let this be a lesson for all the newbies out there. Make sure you are running the latest version. Thanks for you help Rich.
  9. this: var m = game.add.audio('music', 0.05);game.add.audio('enemy-move',0.5);game.add.audio('enemy-jump',0.5);game.sound.setDecodedCallback(['enemy-move','enemy-jump'], start, this); gives me this error in Chrome: Uncaught TypeError: game.sound.setDecodedCallback is not a function
  10. Thats funny because I put this in update: if (sound1.isDecoding) {console.log("still decoding")} and logged 'still decoding' 204 updates then stopped the second the sound was available. Why did that happen?
  11. Ok, on my quest to decode .wav files (???) I tried the following: snd = game.sound.play('my-sound'); snd.onDecoded.add(function() { console.log('decoded'); }, this); and I don't get any response from console.log. I also copied this straight from an example: sound1 = game.add.audio('explosion'); game.sound.setDecodedCallback([ sound1 ], start, this); AGAIN, nothing. What made SpriteKit so easy to learn was the documentation. It contains clear instructions on what the class does, then shows each method used in context. That would be extremely helpful here.
  12. This is not on iOS ... OK, so I add an onDecoded signal .... but I never see the console.log('sound is ready?');. Also, why does a wav file need to be decoded? var m = game.add.audio('music', 0.05);game.add.audio('enemy-move',0.5);game.add.audio('enemy-jump',0.5); //m.play();j = game.sound.play('enemy-jump');j.onDecoded.add(function () {console.log('sound is ready');},this); if (j.isDecoded === false)console.log('wav file is coded?');}
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