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  1. I´m trying to insert leaderboards in my Phaser game, using cocoonjs Social Extensions. I'm using this code to login and get the leaderboar: var gp = CocoonJS.Social.GooglePlayGames;socialService = gp.getSocialInterface();socialService.setTemplates("templates/leaderboards.html", "templates/achievements.html");socialService.onLoginStatusChanged.addEventListener(function(loggedIn, error){ if (loggedIn) { socialService.showLeaderboard({leaderboardID:"123456789"}, function(error){ if (error) console.error("showLeaderbord error: " + error.message); }); }});In the Custom Cocoon Launcher tester, it logs in correctly but it doesn't show the leaderboard, already configured in google games services. Has anyone applied the cocoon social extensions to google play leaderboards that could help?
  2. tested with a game with 6 states, loading audio and everything is working fine on 2.0.3
  3. You can read the actual size of the window with javascript with window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight to get window's height and width (not including toolbars/scrollbars) and then use those values to pass to your Phaser.Game parameters
  4. Have you tried the physics overlap to check the bounds of the collision objects? Something like game.physics.overlap(player, layer, collisionHandler, null, this); might give you more info about each object position
  5. just pulled the new dev build, and it fixed all problems i had , including the speed-up side effect. thank you rich
  6. in 2.0 I had two arcade physics sprites not firing either the collision handler or the overlap handler with this update, the overlap handler gets fired but not the collide handler both sprites are in an horizontal tilemap, created with Tiled, and found no collision problems with the player sprite movement but between version 2.01 and 2.0 the same added values for player.body.gravity.y and player.body.x have different behaviours. On 2.01 the player goes faster in the screen than on 2.0 if I use the same values for each version
  7. You can find a blank tilemap example in the 2.0 examples pages
  8. Just tried on Firefox (v27) and in Chrome (v34) and it worked well on both browsers