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  1. After google suspended our game with no warning, and we lost 1000 downloads and 37x 5star ratings we had to republish our game to a new link Gloobies: Here it is if you still want to check out the android version, which we can port to HTML5 for the right price...
  2. You can download Gloobies Lab for free on Google Play for Android native also now, and we planning some major updates soon, get it here now please and support us:
  3. After some sponsor feedback, we decided to double down on our best game Gloobies Lab and we will add a huge update as soon as we can... The goal will be to increase user social sharing, user engagement in terms or coming back for more replays and longer play adding a story, a map level or stages system for the campaign...adding ingame shopping system for boosters with ingame collectible currency, etc. And maybe some achievements. We also feel there is a lot of hidden value in this game, in terms of rewarding the player with beautiful artwork when a new Gloobie higher morph level is achieved. Currently this is invisible to the player, so we will try to make it more obvious that this content exists by adding progression to the game, or hints of it. Hopefully this will improve the games popularity even more among sponsors and most importantly for players! Any sponsors whom license the games now, will get current prices and free updates. If you want to wait to reduce your risk, you will have to pay the higher prices once updates are done to the game. PS: Thanks for playing this game. From our stats our games have been player each a 100+ times since this post a week ago.
  4. Hi, here are some of our 2015 games on our GAMELANCER website demos. And some screenshots: In this fun strategic puzzle game you help the cute Gloobies survive by colonising other planets, before the opposing Gloobies can. Will your Gloobies be the survivors? Have fun with 20 free levels of casual play on any mobile or desktop browser in HD. Compete in 6 round racing, where you bet against the odds, to amass the most winnings. We warn you, these are fierce competitors, and any race can be neck and neck ! Gloobies Lab – HD (portrait: 640x960px) - PREMIUM In this fun laboratory experiment, you combine cute Gloobies (or goo characters) together, so that they morph into even cooler creatures in a classic 2048 game style which is completely revamped. This game offers infinite gameplay, with insane replay value, on any mobile or desktop browser. YOUTUBE VIDEO Please contact me at or us at if you would like to sponsor or publish or buy these games. Thanks for taking the time to play and test and give feedback on these games!
  5. I like the monsters, but the red and yellow candies look like free asset art?
  6. Well here is a Game Maker Studio Box2D physics game demo in HTML5, a car chase running at 60fps with AI and collissions. So probably is more your coding..
  7. Hmm I'm almost ready to buy this engine as well...really keen to do a large HTML5 game with tweens in 2015. Does this engine also work with a javascript extention, or is it all native GML? I guess for the loading bars etc., you need javascript, but I find with my other engine this makes that I cannot develop in windows and only in HTML5, which hides lots of error messages, etc.