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  1. Last try to get this problem fixed! I really need this, since I can't proceed with my game, untill I fixed this.
  2. Bump! I really want to fix this issue as soon as possible
  3. Hello! In my current project I need to scale up all layers, but still keep the collision map correct. Im using myLayer.scale.setTo(4, 4);to scale the layer and map.setCollisionByExclusion([0], true, myLayers);to set the Collision. When I work with a scale of 1, 1 it works as it should, but when I scale up all layers, the Collision Map seems out of place. It's sill there, but it out of place. Even in debug mode it looks like it works, but it still collides somewhere else: EDIT: I figured out that is it exactly on the same position as it would be with the scale 1:1. Let me know if there
  4. Ah, thanks. I set the position of the body, not the sprite itself, which brings me to another question. Whats the diffrence with Sprite.x and Sprite.body.x? Because they don't seem to be the same.
  5. Hello! I spent the last couple of hours on updating my current project to Phaser 1.1.4, and I'm experiencing some weird behavior when it comes to flip a sprite. This is the code I'm using: //Set Anchor Pointthis.weapon.sprite.anchor.setTo(-0.1, 0.5);//Rotate Weaponvar weaponRotation = game.physics.angleToXY(this.spritePosition, this.worldX, this.worldY);this.weapon.sprite.rotation = weaponRotation;//Flip Weapon if requiredif (weaponRotation >= -1.5 && weaponRotation <= 1.5) { this.weapon.sprite.scale.y = 1;} else { this.weapon.sprite.scale.y = -1;}On the image below you
  6. Here you go: http://i.deesr.com/code/2T2Z372T1B3T It's not perfect, and some fixes are pretty bad, but it seems to work for me
  7. It's in the /phaser-master/wip/TS Source, but you need to compile it to JS first if you don't use TS. There isn't any help on examples/documentaion, since it's still WIP.
  8. Okay, I got it to work now! Some parts of the function where outdated and didn't work as expected. Like the preRender Call and the Random Function!
  9. Hello! I'm having trouble using the Shake Camera FX. I compiled the .TS file, and loaded the plugin. At first I got some errors, but after some modfications, I got it them fixed, but it still doesn't work. I haven't found anything about the Camera FXs in the Documentation/Examples, so I'm not sure where to problem could be.
  10. Hello, I'm working on a Top-Down Multiplayer Arena Shooter, and I ran into some issue with the emitter. Every time the player shoots, it drops a gun-shell. This gun-shell basicly falls out of the screen and thats it. But what i want is that the shell drops a few pixel and then bounces of the "floor" (which is hard to define, because its a Top-Down game). It also would be cool if the shell could stay there once it's done falling. The hard part for me is, that the "floor" isn't really a fixed Tile because it should get calculated from the players position (when fired). Is that possible withou
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