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  1. Hello, I have a long lasting loop where I compute something. So basically the game would be blocked. How can I still update all the game (rendering, physics etc.) manually from inside the loop? something like while(...){ my_blocking_logic(); gameObject.update(); gameObject.render(); }
  2. Hi, just wanted to inform you about Ceilfire progress. It has been a while, but from this post on, I will really try to post my progress reports every two weeks. There are a lot of small changed and design changes, but in last time I was busy integrating tilemaps support to Ceilfire. The result is: Now Ceilfire supports tilesets. You can mix them with normal objekt, like in Tiles editor. Layer contains new properties for tilesets. How to use them in Ceilfire you can read in the new tutorial: Link to the Tilesets Tutorial . A simple example with a tileset map you can try here: Tilesets Test-Map I also fixed the embeding of Ceilfire games into external pages, all games have a "embed" link on the play page. How the external embed looks like, you can see here: . You can also create Facebook apps from Ceilfire games (similar to embeding), how it's done I will show you in the next tutorial. The project has also a Facebook Page: Ceilfire Facebook If you like the project, and would like to somehow show it. You can like it in Facebook. There is also a new Ceilfire forum, if you have any Feedback/Suggestions/Critics you can post it here or in the Ceilfire Forum. Thank for your attention, I hope I didn't forgot something. Any feedback/critics/suggestion is always welcome!
  3. Yes, sites like, CNet and lately sourceforge are full of crapware. Here is an article where somebody downloaded top 10 entries from Article . So step 1 would be: never use a custom download manager on your site . The google play store has a very nice layout, I think it can be used on normal software download site. Are you planning to create a download portal?
  4. Hey, looks really nice. I'm doing something similar, you can check it out here: and here is the forum-log (just saw that I need to make some progress update posts in my thread again). Always nice to see some new HTML5 tooling. You can look at MightyEditor, they are also doing some great HTML5 editor. I think in such early stage we should partner and learn from each other to create best tools. Anyway. Keep up the good work!
  5. I started a thread some days ago but without an answer, so probably it's not implemented now, but would be a nice feature: Support for multiple tilesets per tilelayer and a possibility to easy select in code which tileset is currently in use.
  6. Here is from my code: this.object.key = key;this.object.loadTexture(key, 0);So basically you need to call loadTexture after changing the key
  7. Hey, I was just wondering. In the docs under "addTilesetImage" there is written that one can use multiple tilesets for the same map. But how do you select which tileset is currently in use? I can't find any function and there is no example with multiple tilesets. Everytime i load two or more tileset images, only tiles from the first are used. There is a thread about the same topic, but without an answer: So is there a way to use multiple tilesets like it's written in the docs? Edit: There is an example with multiple tilesets: but i uses tiled json. I need to specify the map dynamically in code Edit2: Ok, i probably got that you can't have multiple tilesets per map. You can have only one set per layer. For changing tileset I needed to clear the cache after every change with resetTilesetCache.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm still in the process of making the features I wanted for this update, but it's already 3 weeks since last post, so I will post the current status. - Added "Ceilfire Academy", a simple blog where I will post detailed Updates and Tutorials - When you resize a sprite and hold ctr button, the aspect ration will be preserved - Fixed the mapsize and camera, so you can make now bigger maps. Drag the canvas to scroll in the map And the new awesome feature: - Added predefined "behaviors". So if you have a sprite you can simply add a "jump&run" behaviour to your player and "collider" behavior to your floor sprite and u can walk and jump around with the arrow-keys without the need for creating many control rules. Currently there are 4 different predefined behaviors "Keyboard Movement", "Collide", "Jump&Run" and "Periodic". Will soon add a tutorial to describe all of them. after clicking on "add new component" button you will see I'm in the process of making an example jump&run game, but there are still little things missing. Btw, now you have 4 different ways to follow Ceilfire progress 1. Register on with checked newsletter box 2. Put your email-adress into the newsletter input on frontpage 3. Follow ceilfire youtube channel 4. Subscribe to the RSS feed of "Ceilfire Academy" I'm always looking for new demo-game ideas, if you have some easy games that one could remake in ceilfire and so improve the feature-set, let me know
  9. Pretty cool! What do you use to create the UI? What tech stack do you use? I often do screenshots and paste them into some tool to make small modifications. Most of the time I end-up having only paint installed on the machine. Such a tool can be nice in such a case where I have no PS Can you paste images from the clipboard into it? Also some shape tool would be nice to make basic shapes like arrows. Edit: Forget my question, just found out it works But it doesn't resize the canvas if the images is bigger. It would be nice to ask the user "Do you want to resize the layer?" or something. Anyway, good work!
  10. Yes, this would be a very nice addition. As intermediate step I thought to have predefined rules. Like you don't have to make 4 rules, everyone with one condition and one action: in total 8 steps to click through dialogs for a simple WASD-movement but simply assign to the object predefined WASD-RuleSet/Behaviour that one can tweek. The behaviours could also be added to the market. So you can have complete objects, small behaviours, images and sounds. 3 different abstraction levels in one place.
  11. Yes, I use CloudFlare and also their "purge cache" feature. But sometimes it doesn't work. But I think it's normal for frequent web updates. My goal is to have all-in-one place for the compelete casual game-development process (for not/less programming developers). This is why I have a "assets-market" from the beginning on, so you don't have to go around and look for assets if you want to make game, But take one from the community. So that making games is as easy and fun as drawing pictures on This also includes export possibilities for Android and iOS. The maker still lacks a lot of feature for making nice games, a lot of usability changes needs to be done, and way more good tutorials. But it's getting better and most problemts are now user-workflow problems thanks Phaser The editor is in the browser and not standalone (there are good offline makers like Construct2, Game-Salad) because it enables very seemless integration of all parts, so that you can have immediate publishing with one click without waiting till your game is approved for the arcade (and repeate the process for every change).
  12. Hi, thanks for your feedback! Really good points you mentioned. And it's done Have just implemented your suggestions. 1. If the condition (and action too) has no parameters the "next button" is disabled and you can only press "OK". Indeed very nice 2. I added a new property "Show default mouse pointer" to the Game-Objekt. So now one can control if the default mouse is shown. The standard value is "true", so now you should see a pointer in all sample games like Flappy Bird. For Space-Defender I disabled the default point to see if it works. If you try and it doesn't work, you probably need to reload ceilfire/editor two times so you get the new js files. (or clear cache. btw. has somebody a solution to autotate such cache updates for the user from developer side?) If you or anybody has more suggestions, I implement everything And in such a early stage, one can include really nice stuff. Edit: Just saw my first post in this thread and my image of the frontpage. Was nice to see how the project progressed a bit. This is the frontpage from January 2014: This is now: Still a ton of stuff to do to reach my goal
  13. Hello, here is a new update! Unfortunately there are no new games to show. But there are still some very nice changes! Here are the main changes 1. - Remaking of the games is fixed now. - added Phasers moveToPointer, moveToObject, moveToPosition actionens to the Sprite-Object. So u can implement basic mouse controls. 2. The properties-bar is redesigned and much more clearer now Here is the old version: And here the new one. A nice thing is that you can edit without pressing the enter key now. So your color changes etc. are directly visible while you change. Makes a lot of things smoother. 3. There is a new property in Game-Object to define custom thumbnails/preview images. You are now not restricted to the default logo (the one with the shaped C letter and colored background) There are still a ton of stuff to do but it's getting better, a big part is thanks to the critical user feedback. If you already visited ceilfire you probably need to clear your cache or reload ceilfire several times to get new javascript files. There are two new tutorial videos: 1. First one is now to you editor variables to imlement stuff like player-score: 2. spawning and destroying of Objects (done last week, so with the old properties-bar): Like usual every feedback and feature request is welcome! And register on ceilfire for support (but of course you can basically test everything without registration)
  14. neon

    taking screenshots

    Hi, I want to take a screenshot of the canvas dynamically from javascript. I use game.canvas.toDataURL() and it works perfectly for the canvas renderer but for the webgl I get a black image. There are some threads about this issue, but without the solution. What would be the best method to take screenshots with the webgl renderer? 1. One sugestion I found was to preserve the drawing buffer and phaser has such option (game.preserveDrawingBuffer) but when should I set this? And I heard that this might be bad for the performance 2. One solution could be to switch from webgl to the canvas render -> take screenshot -> switch back to webgl, but can one dynamically switch renderers in Phaser? Any other sugestions? Thanks
  15. Here is a new one Space Defender . It's a space invaders style game where you get points for killed spaceshipt and lose points for missed ones. The enemies get faster every 10 or so seconds. This is a showcase for Phaser and my (in progress) Phaser-based Game-Maker.