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  1. And that is about what you can do.. Otherwise you'd be cheating entropy and predicting the future beyond that wich is evident. I'm totally interested in buying stocks from your company if you manage to pull that off Ok, ok, sorry for the smart-assery. But really, that's as much as can be accomplished, if that solution is not enough, then there's got to be a problem with the protocols or the networks you are using for the type of game you are trying to make.
  2. There are several ways to deal with latency. Two very -very- complete reads I can reccomend are: and ('tho I think they've already been suggested at some point in ths thread)
  3. So, picking up the WebRTC topic again, here's a "little" chat about current status:
  4. And that makes sense to me: if you queue updates and try to force the server to proccess them all at once, you are not only delaying the packet but also creating a bottleneck, in this scenario.
  5. I may be pissing out of the bin here, but: is that delay consistent? Or sometimes happens and sometimes it doesn't? If not, I'd bet that the problem may be too large packets or delay caused by packet loss.
  6. I think (think) he means mobile phone companies? I can't really say because over here (Argentina) I don't know of such portals or services as those described..
  7. Hey! I remember watching a video on vimeo that had most of that information from ongamestart! One of the best talks I could find from that conference. Good pointers here too, thanks!
  8. Hi, I've been looking into my options for monetizing an html5 game and I'm not quite sure where o start. At first I thought I'd just use AdSense for games, but I've sadly discovered that's just for flash games. So, should I just place standard web ads on the sides and call it a night? Or is there something more I can do? I'm aware of this book's existence, but I'm unable to perform a purchase ATM.. thanks!
  9. Well, here you go with a list of node.js servers, some of which are free (and they are noted): I remember there being "the free nodejs server" which was the best by far, but I can't remember what it was. I think they were affiliated with a learning site or something like that but I might be mixing them up. I'll update if I remember. update: well, as far as I can tell, it seems appfog's free plan is the best free option available. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!
  10. Thans! I'll keep that one at hand In regards to comparing different box2d ports and on different browsers, the guys over at the box2d forum kindly pointed me to these posts: I had that one and bullet on sight as well, but indeed they are 3d engines and I'm more than done with contemplating 2d for now. Thanks all the same ^^
  11. So.. I'm looking into physics engines and the most promising one I can find is box2d. Problem: there are several implementations floating around, the most prominent ones being box2dweb and box2djs, both ported from an actionscript (flash) port, and box2d.js wich is ported to javascript directly from the c++ source using emscripten. Now, given how the first two have that translation to actionscript in between and are not as freshly updated as the last one, my gut tells me box2d.js should be the better performing one, but that's not enough: I want numbers! Additionally, I'd like to arrive to conclusions of the sort of "how many box2d worlds of this game of mine can I run concurrently on my node.js server before performance goes to hell?", "what's the highest simulation precision I can run on this particular mobile phone before fps drops below 30?" and the such. The thing is: I've never done this kind of testing before and have no idea where to start. Help?
  12. Those two were my favourite as well
  13. As far as I know, there are none. The only prototype I'm aware of is this airhockey demo. BTW, for anyone who wishes for an in-depth manual/tutorial about multiplayer over the internet (with examples in C++) and an academically-sound discussion of UDP VS TCP, I highly reccomend: Also, IDK if it's allowed to link other forums, if it's not then apologies and I shall edit this out, but there's been a very simmilar discussion going on here:
  14. Yeah, it's far from ready for general audience, but I'm really excited about the possiblities! I'm even tempted to work naïvely with websockets on my experiments for now until proper implementation is ready, but I know any testing I do won't be very usefull outside of a LAN '^^
  15. @Autarc, well, I call this very promising!