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  1. The way that Panda.js is evolving is really interesting - I like it! Honestly I've been having the same thought with WebGl. I love it and wish it was available everywhere but it is not and when games run on canvas, having WebGL is just bloat. Congratulations on your progress, looking forward to Panda 2.0
  2. Wow, had not seen this yet, it is quite interesting! Thanks for posting it
  3. It is looking great! I specially like the error highlight Nitpick on the code formatting: There should be a space between this.sprites.length and the bigger than operator. As for feature suggestions... auto completion maybe? That would be a nice extra.
  4. Really interesting changes, will definitely make development with Panda faster Great wokr Enpu!
  5. Ugh. Just... don't ok? Different markets and different activites will require different things. For HTML5 game devs (and for interactive projects) it is important and we should be vocal about it. Fixing this regression means games published with NWJS feel native instead of choppy as hell. Bigger for who? Get things into perspective and get off the high horse, seriously.
  6. Awesome enpu How is the performance? I've heard good things about Nintendo's webcanvas implementation.
  7. Ahhh ok, got it. When called inside the scene init it works properly. Thank you so much Enpu, I was pulling my hair already haha
  8. I compacted it as a zip, in case there is something up with the files. ( But it is a basic project, made with Panda install. game.module( 'game.assets').body(function() { game.addAsset('crops.json');});game.module( 'game.main').require( 'game.assets', 'game.objects').body(function() {game.cropData = game.getJSON('crops.json');game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { console.log(game.cropData); }});});And this is the json, named crops.json and stored within the media folder: { "raddish": { "type": "raddish", "value": 1, "time": 3, "rot": 6, "seeds": 3 }}If my files work for you then it ought to be something between Panda and Linux.
  9. It is in the media folder and I can access the json data with the console in the browser, so I know it is properly loaded. For instance, if I do this in the console: console.log(game.json["media/crops.json"]);It properly prints the object in the json. If I try the same directly from my game files, it errors out with undefined. Tried a fresh install from Pandatool, still getting undefined. Do you have a sample with a working json? I could see if that errors out and further test it.
  10. Hey there folks. I've been trying to get this json to work with PandaJS but no success so far. { "raddish": { "type": "raddish", "value": 1, "time": 3, "rot": 6, "seeds": 3 }}I have added it to the loader game.addAsset('crops.json');But the following returns undefined game.cropsData = game.getJSON('crops.json');console.log(game.cropsData);Any clues? Using latest PandaJS
  11. Good evening folks. I just open sourced an infinite runner I did with Phaser (2.0.6). All code and art is under permissive licenses so feel free to reuse them and use them for commercial projects, learning and whatnot. You can see the source at GitHub:
  12. Ah, sorry about that, you need 50 rupees to buy the first tile, 100 for the next, 150, 200, so on. The UI as a whole needs a lot of work but the art team was kinda tired at that point. We do plan to work more on it so we get a nice prototype. I was, initially, the only programmer so in that sense, we went with whatever I proposed. The other programmer had never participated in a game jam so he was willing to try new things. Oh yeah, even though you didn't get to use Panda it is a great experience - game logic is interesting because, framework or no framework, it is mostly the same.
  13. Hey fellas! I was wondering if anybody else used Panda for their game We made a 2D, Harvest Moon-esque plataformer. You plant, harvest and sell crops, using the money to expand your platform by buying new tiles. We had a bit less time (close to total of 27 hours) due to some stuff but I'm quite happy with the result. The other programmer in the team had never used CoffeeScript nor PandaJS but he adapted quickly and he loved how clear and easy things were. The module system helped tons to keep things running and overall, it was an awesome experience. Only thing I miss is having a game.keyboard.pressed because keyboard.down for menus is crazy. You can play it here C'mon peeps, show your GGJ Panda games!
  14. Awesome! And with plenty of time before Global Game Jam Thank you for all the hard work Enpu!