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  1. Yeah 70% dislike, seems that a lot of people didn't like our humorous concept Awesome thank you NodeJs Steam passport plugin https://github.com/liamcurry/passport-steam We just increased the limit to 8. Nevertheless we plan to increase it to 20 or so for team game mode
  2. How many ping please? What is your country? We just have improved the physics, maybe its better now. Nop for phaser, its a custom physics engine on the server.
  3. Hello, we just released a new MMO game on Steam : Battlestick. The game is also playable at http://battlestick.net What is your ping please? We have install a new server (Canada based) and we would like to be sure US players don't have too much ping. Also, Battlestick is made with PhaserJS using web-socket + NodeJS/MongoDB We have received more than 35 000 players in 4 days We hope this will continue so let me know please if you have suggestions or any ideas. Thanks in advance !
  4. Hello, I'am working on a game but I've an issue. I use collisionMasks to manage collision between all my bodies with P2. When I go to fullScreen all is working well, but when I switch back to normal screen with stopFullscreen, it seems that my collisions masks or world bounds doesn't work anymore and all bodies go through the floor (left, right and top world bounds). Here is a plunker : http://plnkr.co/edit/DPJUzimhfwwWFHEEbV8b?p=preview To launch the example properly, you have a little blue button, right top corner, with a resizing screen symbol, just click on it. A new window launches then press enter to go fullscreen, enter again to go back then you'll be able to see the issue.... Any idea ? Thank you !
  5. Interesting :-) works fine on Nexus 5 around 55fps.
  6. New update, you can now add friends, buy frames and enjoy a lot of new features. We will soon launch our promotionnal campaign so there will be a lot of players on Jiun ! See you soon in the battle ! (here french version)
  7. New update 0.1.012 What's new ? Artificial intelligence has been improved The barbaros not disappear from the minimap sometimes when they were killed Dynamics Objects System has been improved to reduce significantly lags issues.Adding blood on the floor when damage dealt.Online Shop now available ( forum post about the shop : http://forums.jiun.n...now-available/)Possibility of renewing your pixel art face, reset your statistics or rename your character. Opportunity to buy PP (pinterac points) using paypal or starpass. A tower by faction deal damage to near ennemies, if it is destroy the tower's team loose the game.
  8. Greetings, adventurers. This is the second dev log video of Jiun: the quickslots system.
  9. Greetings, adventurers. This is the first dev log video of Jiun: the archery system. Using a bow is similar to using melee weapons. Bows are dual-handed weapons, and are used with the left hand key (L by default). To shoot an arrow the character has to aim at the target and therefore remains stationary during the attack animation. Position yourself carefully, as you're open to both melee and ranged weapon fire. There is no automatic attack in Jiun like in traditional MOBAs, so you have to be skilled and time your shots or face defeat. Quick reactions are also crucial to moving away from the path of incoming arrows. To save yourself from enemy volleys, consider carrying a shield: it provides both a 30% passive chance to block incoming arrow damage, and can be used to block them if timed well. Stay tuned for the next video: the quickslots.