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  1. Hi oksana , quite easy to put a game on Facebook . Even though some requests from Facebook are still cryptic to me , everything related to permits ( showing ads , friends in game interactivity ..). The basic game submission is quite straightforward . I didn't promote the game itself around so I haven't got many visits , as I'm waiting to finish another game to subscribe and upload to google play . Then , youtube game related channels and game reviews sites are main goals to let the game be known I guess ..
  2. Hi , I am looking for someone interested in cooperating for marketing, developing strategies to monetize own games . I recently finished a game that was accepted on facebook app center even though it doesn't 'sell' by itself . I was wondering if anyone is working on this principal aspect of game development so to join forces .
  3. You can put android games on facebook , why didn't you ?
  4. Hi , oops I just noticed levels are not progressively blocked , thanks for letting me notice that. Physics behaviour is linked to many factors amongst which processor power , memory available and if you are using a mobile platform to play it . I think I am getting rid of physics at all , since I 've allready subsituted many movements with fake physics ( chains oscillations ..) . So thanks for objective judgment P.S : I noticed you have some games on google play . Is it profitable somehow ? I have an adroid version of the game ready to publish , but ain't a google play user
  5. Play at: Space Captain vs Mega Robots
  6. Is there a way to change default anchor points to 0.5 , 0.5 in for all sprites in a row ? Mighty Editor Source editing ?
  7. Is there an example of how to share like on facebook or twitter ?
  8. Seen that . I am trying to cope with DFP AdSense mechanics . Gaming portal ads systems are next on my to-do list .
  9. I am after ads for games on game portals like kongregate and else . Googling it I got: http://www.cpmfun.com/ An ad network , not sure how it comes in . http://www.labnol.org/internet/google-dfp-tutorial/14099/ Google Doubleclick idem . http://ad4game.com/adspec/html5sdk/ Ad4game .. http://gamemix.com/developers/ Game mix , not directly related . I am confused as of now .
  10. Is it allowed to monetize a Phaser based game for the web ( not mobile) trough Google AdSense ads ?
  11. Avoid sqrt if possible by using squared distance (ex: dist = 2 ; sqdist = 4): functiondistanceSq(object,target) { var xDif = object.x - target.x; var yDif = object.y - target.y; return (xDif * xDif) + (yDif * yDif); };
  12. I was setting up a sort of path for player to follow based on a set of images exported from inkscape and parsed with python as a .svg . So I need to find the center of image , not set the anchor . I have sort of solved it , by exporting a path from inkscape and converting it to an array for phaser to parse and feed to a tween (points and angles) . Also I found an old post where it is outlined how to find the center of an image : http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/57211/how-to-get-the-center-of-a-rotated-rectangle-regardless-of-point-of-rotation
  13. How do you find an image center without arcade physics ? As an example I am using a matrix as exported by inkscape , but elements order looks different. -45 degrees rotation about (0,0) of a 10 by 10 px image square es ( can't figure out if correct) : var tank = this.add.image(-5, 5, 'testImg'); var ar = [0.70710678,0.70710678,0,-0.70710678,0.70710678,0];//svg inkscape matrix var mat = new Phaser.Matrix(); console.log(tank.getBounds(mat.fromArray(ar)));
  14. By using intel xdk , it complains about window not being defined and so on . I included cordova.js before phaser in index.html, but it isn't recognized apparently . Any hint ? [EDIT] Just checking this app -Audio Player- from intel xdk repository : https://github.com/gomobile/sample-audio-player
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