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  1. @Binyan - the way I dealt with this was to parent the sphere to an empty 3D object. When I say empty, I mean, it doesn't have a mesh/geometry, but has it's own transform. Then I set it out on it's x axis, and then rotate the parent on the Y axis. You could do it with math of course, but it helps to describe it in a visual way. The Y axis is in "world" space just means it's purely "up" but it's origin is where ever the object's position is. So, putting it out 10 on the X axis and rotating on Y in WORLD space just means it'll rotate perfectly on Y, but 10 clicks out on X
  2. Blitz and, I worked with the guys at who did the art and social integration while I did the game, level creation etc. Was a fun project and Phaser was a great choice for it. I'm glad we found you guys!
  3. Honda Fit Challenge Parking game: Thanks for the help on PhysicsEditor plugin for Phaser - that was EXACTLY what I needed to make these levels. Great working with Phaser for the first time and client is very happy, John
  4. For archive sake - we decided to use m4a/ogg as the 2 file formats after having decent experience with the FishGL project. hth
  5. yeah that's what I thought, thanks Rich What are the recommended formats? I looked through the demo's and MP3/ogg files were suggested for each sound file. Thanks for your time
  6. I've simply added a sound that's set to loop, but has a very noticeable gap in the playback when it loops. In my audio editing app it's a very clean loop, so is there anything I'm missing or should know about to make it loop properly with Phaser? I remember way back in the day there was an MP3 compression issue that Flash fixed internally for looping audio. Can't help but wonder if it's something with the mp3 compression?
  7. well, just to answer this so no one comes here thinking I abandoned this - I abandoned this idea When I found out that IE doesn't support webaudio, it made it pointless. So, my solution was to take 2 different car engine sounds - one idle, the other rev'd up and I cross fade them together by setting their volumes to the speed of the car. A slower speed means the idle sound is louder, and when as you accelerate, the rev'd sound becomes louder Anyway, hope that helps someone else
  8. awesome!!! I'll look into that and report back Thanks!
  9. I've looked at the docs for the Sound object and there isn't anything jumping out that lets me adjust pitch at runtime, but hoping there's a way to do it that someone could share Is there away to adjust pitch at runtime?
  10. I was an idiot and have relied too much on decent code editors that have nice intellisense / autocomplete for learning api's I hadn't realized the full signature of the collision arguments included what was being hit. Level.prototype.enterCollisionHandler = function(body, shape_0, shape_1) { if( shape_1.sensor && ===[0].id ) { console.log("HIT ICE"); } else this.collisionManager.addCollision(body);}; Shape_1 is what you've hit.
  11. I would also like to know the answer to this I was expecting to be able to check the body that was passed in the event but I can't seem to match anything up that says "you hit the ice sensor"
  12. And just to come full circle for others, this was the final code for getting my sensor poly called "ice": var fixtures = map.body.addPhaserPolygon("physicsData", "level");var fixtureList = new Phaser.Physics.P2.FixtureList(fixtures); = fixtureList.getFixtureByKey("ice");
  13. That worked great - thanks very much George!
  14. Hey George, I've downloaded the 2 files for use as the exporter for PhysicsEditor and restarted the app several times and I still don't see it in the drop down list. I've followed the instructions on their site ( ) and verified that they are named properly etc and it does not show up as an option. is there anything else I'm missing?
  15. Yeah, that's perfect George! I was hoping that this level of information from PhysicsEditor could translate to Phaser. I tried setting sensor flag before and Phaser threw an error. Very cool, Thanks very much George! John